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Houston Roth - Bowie


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A bit of a forgotten pitcher in Bowie this season, we weren't even sure where he would start the year. The last few seasons, he worked as a starter or piggybacked with starters, making it up to AAA last season for 1 game, which didn't go the way he hoped to end the season.

This year, the 26 year old, 858th overall pick in the 2019 draft has worked out of the bullpen.

This season, he has appeared in 10 games, totaling 13.2 innings and getting 20 strike outs.

He has a 3.95 ERA thanks to a disaster game on May 5th, where he allowed 5 runs. He also allowed a run on April 10th in his second appearance of the season. Aside from those two games, he hasn't allowed a run in the other 8 games.

The big thing that impacted him the last few seasons were walks, which is still has some trouble with. 6 total so far, which would be fine if he started 10 games. But 6 walks in 10 games isn't ideal and is a big reason for his 1.24 WHIP.

If he can lower the walks while keeping the strike outs and the runs sparse, I would like to see him get to Norfolk in June and see how he handles the bullpen there. With the glut of position players and seemingly lack of minor league pitching help for the bullpen, I want to see some aggressiveness on moving some older bullpen players seeing if they can sink or swim.

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