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Watching Jordan Zimmermann


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Living in the DC area, I'm hearing a lot of buzz about whether their no. 1 pitching prospect, Jordan Zimmermann, will jump from AA last season to the Nats. So far this spring, Zimmermann has a 0.00 ERA in 12.1 innings, allowing 6 hits while striking out 16 and walking only two.

It's kind of interesting comparing the Nats' approach to the Orioles. Zimmerman is ranked below our Big 3 by most publications, and last year he split his time between A+ and AA (more or less the way that Bergesen did, i.e., he jumped after 5 games at A+). His numbers at AA were very good (3.21 ERA, 103 K's in 106 IP) but certainly not better than several of our guys'. But I'd certainly say he's got a very good chance to earn a spot in the Nats' rotation.

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