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Uniform changes from around MLB

Boy Howdy

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    • I appreciate the joke but it is a legit concern. since 2019 Syndergaard leads the league inSBs against 56 with only 3 CS. thats in half the innings against #2 on the list Robbie Ray.   now he doesn't have the big K rate to negate RISP anymore   https://razzball.com/sp-sagnof/
    • Lyles has a career year last year. It is possible he repeats but overall he is not in the same league as Gibson. He definitely isn't better. Gibson did not have our defense and Adley last year.
    • This is a better article than we’ve seen from any of our more seasoned beat reporters recently.  
    • He’ll complain about it anyway.  
    • So let’s have him throw the slider more and the 4 seamer less!  I’m sure no other pitching coach could have unearthed this data!   Oh wait, some random guy on the internet just did… Among other things, I don’t know why you give so much of the credit for any improvement by our staff to Holt.  We have more than a dozen people in the analytics department figuring out what our guys can do better and where our opponents can be attacked.  We have an assistant pitching coach in the dugout during games.  We have a Manager of Pitching Strategy.  We’ve got a coach in the bullpen.  How do we know which of these people contributed to the success of any particular pitcher?   And, I’m not real high on the “Holt missed a month” excuse.  He was there all offseason before 2021.   He was there all of spring training.  He was there 5 of 6 months of the season.  Was he working with the pitchers remotely while he was away?   I don’t know.  Do you?  Did the team pitch better when he returned?  They had a 5.60 ERA in the first half, 6.15 in the second half.  Pretty sure Holt’s absence was in the first half.   All this sounds like I’m down on Holt or don’t think he deserves any credit for the staff’s improvement.  That’s not the case.   I just don’t see him as the sole source of that improvement, and I don’t assign him magical powers.   And I have no idea what role, if any, he played in the decision to sign Gibson.    
    • Poor guy, they really don’t tell him anything… but hey at least they are sending him San Diego for the meetings.  After he had to fly himself to spring training last year that seems like an improvement. 
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