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Team Home Run Songs?


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I like hearing the various home run songs as I travel and hear them on the TV. I would like to see if we could put together some or all of the teams home run music, fireworks, whatever. So, here we go:

1. Anaheim Angels-

2. Houston Astros-

3. Oakland Athletics-

4. Toronto Blue Jays-

5. Atlanta Braves-

6. Milwaukee Brewers-

7. St. Louis Cardinals-

8. Chicago Cubs-

9. Tampa Bay Rays-

10. Arizona Diamondbacks-

11. Los Angeles Dodgers-

12. San Francisco Giants-

13. Cleveland Indians-

14. Seattle Mariners-

15. Florida Marlins-

16. New York Mets-

17. Washington Nationals-

18. Baltimore Orioles-

19. San Diego Padres-

20. Philadelphia Phillies-

21. Pittsburgh Pirates-

22. Texas Rangers-The Natural Theme Song

23. Boston Red Sox-

24. Cincinatti Reds-

25. Colorado Rockies-

26. Kansas City Royals-

27. Detroit Tigers-

28. Minnesota Twins-

29. Chicago White Sox-

30. New York Yankees-

I filled in two, as examples, I think they are correct, I went to Atlanta and they played it but that was 2 years ago so correct me if I am wrong. The Texas one I just heard so unless they have multiple ones that is right. Include the Youtube video link if you can, but not required.

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