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5/7 Twins at Orioles


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The game started 10 minutes ago, folks. Look alive!


Span CF

Tolbert 2B

Mauer C

Morneau 1B

Kubel DH

Crede 3B

Cuddyer RF

Young LF

Punto SS

Perkins P


Roberts 2B

Jones CF

Markakis RF

Mora 3B

Huff DH

Wigginton 1B

Montanez LF

Zaun C

Izturis SS

Bergesen P

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Nice to see Cal in the stands tonight.

...though they just zoomed in on him trying to gnaw open a bag of peanuts...

Hopefully Esskay now makes peanuts or he's in a heap of trouble. You'd think he would have 6 or 7 Esskay hot dogs sitting in his lap at all times when he knows he'll be on TV, $cha ching$.

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