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Welcome to the organization Joey Gathright (Acquired from Cubs for Freel)


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Is Gathright the new Terrero?

No, he's Tike Redman with Brandon Fahey's power.

When are we going to get threads demanding that Gathright gets called up to Baltimore?

When the rest of the team succumbs to swine flu.

I suppose it's nice the O's found a warm body they could pick up for what's left of Ryan Freel, but Gathright is a defensive replacement/pinch runner. Freel is probably a better player, just with a worse contract and no option to send him to Norfolk.

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No problem. What the did the O's get in return? Beides freeing up some cash I guess.

Joey Gathright.

But we agreed to pay for Freel salary and they agreed to pay for Gathright's salary, so we didn't save any money.

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Tx don't worry about it. In other news around here Adam Jones has a bad picture of him on ESPN. Makes him look like he has the munchies. Also not only did the Titanic tragically sink (which they made a movie, with a chick that I think is hot, about) we landed on the moon. I use the OH has my only news source. :P

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