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5/17 - O's at KC Royals - Koji for the rubber?


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Is anyone else thinking that we might want to give the following top 5 in the lineup a try?

Roberts / Izturis / Markakis / Huff / Jones

It seems like Izturis is making the most of the #2 slot and I've read some opinions that Jones is maturing in a #5 hitter.

If AJ can maintain good OBP, he could be the perfect #5 guy. But not yet.

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Koji can really pitch. If his stuff was just a little bit better, he'd be absolutely nasty. I'm very impressed with his command, composure, and understanding of the nuances of pitching. He has a Pedro Martinez / Greg Maddux sort of understanding of how to pitch. He just doesn't have their stuff.

I wonder how good he would have been here in the states had he arrived about 6-7 years ago.

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