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5/17 - O's at KC Royals - Koji for the rubber?


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LOL wow - to lose Longorias bat. Jeez, that's a big hurt. Hey probably that pitcher will end up having a hit or something!

Sonnanstine is 0-1 so far on the game--I mean this is one way for the Rays to prepare for interleague play which is upcoming... ;)

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It again looked like a straight steal. They seem to want to run on KC but agreed, Huff on a 2-0 pitch with no outs is strange. He was safe however.

There is absolutely no way they run 2-0 with Huff. They were expecting a fastball which is the easiest pitch to hit for a hit and run, at the same time the fastball is the toughest pitch to run on. It was a botched H & R.....

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