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5-24 Sunday Game 3 O's vs Nats


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Not a big surprise that Ray and Walker could not protect a one-run lead. Niether have any reason to be on a major league roster. walker is done and Ray needs to be in the minors until he regain his location and movement.

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You've got to be f'ing kidding me!! Adam Dunn breaks out of his slump thanks to Orioles pitching. No doubt about that one.

We could have had him for a good deal too. Darnit.

Hopefully we don't pack it in for the night now, because that seems to happen an awful lot.

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I fully agree that Ray has to fix what he's doing. I don't know enough about it to know exactly what that means but, whatever it is you do to fix arm-slot stuff, that's what he needs to do.

For all the crap he gets about how he pitches against the MFY's, very early on Ray had one of the ballsy-est performances in Yankee Stadium I ever saw. It ended with the O's up by 1, the MFY's had the bases jammed with 2-out's in the 9th, 3-2 to Matsui. Ball-4 would have tied the game, and a bingle would have lost the game. So what did Ray do? He threw a pitch outside that tailed back over the edge of the plate, Matsui froze, the ump's arm shot out calling strike 3, the O's won, and I thought "Jebus H. Crust, this Ray kid has some serious nads".

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And that O's fans is about as good as Jamie Walker gets. Throws 2 decent pitches out of 6 and Ray picks up the L. I didn't want to say anything until after this happened, to try and hold out hope on some kind of lineout double play, but it is Walker we're talking about. I mean the guy is terrible, he can't get leftys out, righties out, he's just plain bad.

And the Ray bashers will try and put it on him, but a couple of soft hits and an IBB. I'm all for matchups, but if we better not send a guy down without giving him a chance to pitch his way out of trouble.

Walker should be released, end of story.

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    • Over the 35.33 innings of his last six starts, Dean Kremer has given up only 10 earned runs for an ERA of 2.55. In four of those starts, he's gone 6 to 6.33 innings.
    • I'm glad he's on our side.
    • Thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to see something just like this about Felix.
    • Oooooh. Didn't expect that recall. I'm excited to see it! Bruce has been grinding it out a long time in Norfolk. He started the season looking good, and he started 2022 looking good against Major League talent. Can he peform in June 2023 the way that he performed in April 2022? I hope so. I'm here to see it! I like the idea of left handed starters. Because we have none in the rotation and I want to see 2 good ones sprinkled in. I've got my popcorn, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Bruce Zimmerman can do!
    • Let's start with Ramirez... 1) He'll be 31 in September 2) He's signed thru 2028 3) There is $105M remaining on his contract for 2024-28, for baseball ages 31-35 (he'll be 36 when the contract ends 4) His power production has dropped dramatically in 2023 despite the fact his FB rate has increased 5) His overall offensive production is the lowest it has been since 2015 (age 22) I think the Indians might be happy to offload this contract if they could find a taker to give them some minimal value for it and they are not in contention. My conclusion: If the Orioles like him for the money over the next 5 years, he might be worth a 3-for-1 exchange of truly unknow prospect potential, but not Westburg, Cowser, or GrayRod.  Think 1 of Prieto OR Willems plus 2 more hard throwers from Delmarva.  I would be seriously concerned about how a contract like Ramirez' would constrain the Orioles from signing Rutschman or Henderson to the sort of extension that will make them career Orioles.  Just like in football, where fans are tossing out 2nd round draft picks like they were party favors, I really dislike trading any top 100 prospect and certainly not one that comes with a strong possibility for an over-market priced contract. Bieber... 1) He's 28 as of 5/31 2) This is his worst season since his rookie year with a depressed K rate, increased BB and over 1 hit/IP, but he's still hanging in with an ERA that is somewhat better than the league average. 3) He's making $10M this season and will have his final year of arbitration prior to 2024, which makes the cost of him with a 1.5 year horizon bearable if you can assume he'll maintain his current 110 ERA+.  In addition, given the short horizon and age, that's a much smaller risk than for Ramirez. 4) This is where ME and his team come in to see if they can identify WHY he's not pitching nearly as well this season in addition to the obvious "Will he put the Orioles over the top?" My conclusion: Bieber may well be sought after, but I wouldn't trade any of Westburg, Cowser, or GrayRod for him.  I'd probably be willing to trade either Rom OR Ortiz plus another couple of live arms from the lower minors.  Westburg plus 2 Delmarva arms for both Ramirez and Bieber would be an enormous risk (see Ramirez), but I could get behind it if ME and team have decided he won't be nearly the offensive threat he is now in Camden Yards.
    • I have no idea how the management works here.  I think the Chris Davis fiasco is still a constant shadow. However, we're tied for the second most wins in all of baseball.  Which is astounding given our stat line.  The Giants stats are almost identical to ours and they're a game under 500.  That's where our stats say we should be.   So something else is going on.  I don't think management is going to mess with the chemistry,  
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