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5-24 Sunday Game 3 O's vs Nats


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Bergesen needs to keep the ball down, he's lucky he didn't get taken yard that inning. However, I truly do think if he pitches the whole season that he could put up a 4.5 ERA and for a #5 that's good. If you have a staff where your #1 and 2 are under a 4.00, your 3 and 4 are right around 4-4.25 and your 5 is around a 4.5 you'll be able to win a lot of games with a decent bullpen. Hopefully the O's can get to that point soon, because I think our offense by the end of the year will be in the 10-12 range in the MLB.

Edit: Lucky Jones wasn't called out there, on replay he was pretty clearly out on the steal.

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Anybody think that Ray will pitch today and most likely will be for a roster spot?

Bergesen only has 50 pitches through 4 innings. Hopefully he can get through 7 or 8 and give way to Ray for the 9th.

Ray or Walker's roster spot is probably on the line.

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