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5-24 Sunday Game 3 O's vs Nats


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Bob Feller in the booth is great. 90 years old and can still throw the ball to the plate, that's the way I wanna be at that age. He was Nolan Ryan before Ryan was around, I wish ESPN Classic would show some of his starts sometime soon, amazing fastball.

Bergy gets out of it with 2 runs coming in. I wonder if they'll put him back out there in the 6th, I wouldn't bet on it with the heart of the Nats lineup coming up.

Check out some of the old games that MLB Network plays.

Ever since ESPN Classic played Cal's 2131 game and spelled his name "Ripkin" throughout the entire broadcast I haven't even turned on ESPN for the sunday night game. :cussing:

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Why is there always an ad for San Diego State athletic shop at the bottom of the page?

I know it's by Google Ads, but no one has talked about SDST at all...

I don't have that ad, I have an anti-gay marriage in New York State ad.

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