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Poll: Matzek or Wheeler?

Would you rather have Matzek or Wheeler?  

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  1. 1. Would you rather have Matzek or Wheeler?

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I would go Matzek, I am not as familiar with Wheeler. Is he 5th pick worthy?

He's certainly in the conversation. I have him ranked 9th at the moment, though others who are more familiar with him have him a little higher. He's jumped a few slots on my board in the last month or so.

High ceiling, good projectability. The kind of guy you pick if you have faith in your development team. He's got a great arm.

I currently have Matzek 3rd, not far behind Ackley, so I went with Matzek.

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From what I'm reading, and I trust our gurus here, Matzek is the pick if he's there. If this poll is who is the better pick if both are at No. 5, then it's Matzek. But if this poll is who are we more likely to draft, it's Wheeler. I'm starting to doubt Matzek will be around at No. 5.

Matusz + 3-4 mph on his fastball = Matzek from what it sounds.

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