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Day 2 Draft Day Thread

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hmm - interesting take.

I'm very curious to see how some folks sum it all up. Sounds like some think there are a lot of home runs swings being taken and others think we simply did not strategically look at positional players sufficiently.

Perhaps the broader plan is to have 4B talented pitchers we can trade to acquire more established positional prospects - I dunno...

The problem is they aren't taking a lot of mainstream, popular names. For every guy we can cover before the draft there are 5 more that we can't get to. A lot of these guys are guys that were big time talents and just fell off the radar for whatever reason.

If we had taken Brian Moran from UNC would people still be saying the same thing? Another guy under the radar, no press, but totally blew White's numbers out of the water this year.

It's been a pretty solid draft with the stuff you'd expect, toolsy guys taken, obscure guys with tons of talent taken. There are some diamonds in here I will bet money on it, but with the MLB draft you are never going to get an NFL draft kinda feel where you've heard of all the guys and can get excited about that draft. It takes a year or two before you can really get comfortable with it. Trust me, it'll be much better than people are thinking.

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Don't the best players in HS play SS, C, CF and pitch? If that is the case they often grow out of most of these positions and are then converted to 3B and 1ST, etc. Snyder was drafted as a C, moved to 3rd and now is at 1ST. I see that as a normal progression. This isn't football where you draft a RB and they stay there. The position in the later rounds is less important than the swing, power potential, etc. If they are good def. at SS they will be fine at 3rd if need be. That is my take. Also always have to think, take the best player on the board irregardless of the position.

Maybe, but in any case we've only drafted one SS and he's projected to stay at SS (and is not projected to have a lot of power in any event).

BPA is fine most of the time, but if there's a serious hole in your organization you need to try to address it. The last time Jordan invested a high draft pick in a 3rd baseman was Rowell, and he's no longer projected at that position. It wouldn't have killed us to reach a little for a 3B somewhere in the first 6 rounds or so.

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Sounds like some think there are a lot of home runs swings being taken and others think we simply did not strategically look at positional players sufficiently.

I guess it's a matter of perspective. If the fourth rounder is healthy now (or by the end of summer) and pitching like a first rounder, then why is that a home run swing? Maybe there is less risk here than meets the eye. Most teams are drafting guys with flaws in the fourth round. Jordan draft a guy with fewer flaws, but an injury history. We'll see how it plays out.

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    • Yeah he's in a no win situation, really. Now that the world knows that a bunch of banks are sitting on losses, people are subject to panic and the bigger issue that's looming is all of these  0% + .75 bps loans giant companies are going to have to refinance in the near term but can't afford the service payments on.  The retail sector is in for a reckoning. Double whammy of eroding top line due to inflation and inability to negotiate a new refi. They'd all better hope this is a "soft landing" and a quick rebound because if it's not it could get very ugly. We'll all be shopping at Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target!!! (not that most of us don't already do that.) 
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