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Is Joe Jordan Improving?

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When did I ever say you were bashing everything? I mean do you read the posts before you snap back? If you go read it says it seems like you were always arguing/discussing and you stood out as one of the main guys to do it. There is nothing wrong with that, you just like to find out new stuff and you do that by asking questions and challenging.

Pump the brakes champ and just be careful when you are making straight out implications about people.

I think it's pretty clear that these digs are just a continuation of this stupid argument:


You guys keep saying you want to move on but you just gotta have the last word. I was ready to let it go but your rambling rant on the English language was such a bore that I just couldn't. You guys might as well be speaking Greek. Do you really think you have good communication skills because you sound like you are trying to impress your high school English teacher or something. Bottom line. Avery did weather the storm. Avery is proving that he's at the right level for him. Last but not least. You aren't nearly as smart as you think you are.
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Apparently RZ didn't like me quoting and linking to that thread. I guess he shouldn't have asked:

No wonder you can't remember any off the top of your head, because anything you call bashing would look silly if you actually pointed out the quotes. I challenge you to come up with some of my so called bashing in this forum.

Maybe he limited it to this "forum" because he realized he'd gotten his dander up before in other forums? Who knows.

I'll wear his negative rep this time like a badge of honor. The internet tough guy strikes again!

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Thanks Jim. Badge of honor? Haha. So tough! Internet Wimpy guy strikes again.

It's like the more dispassionate anyone gets with you, the more frothy you become. At least be clever, guy, c'mon. Make it worth our while. Or at least a little entertaining.

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    • Baseball Prospectus came out with their mid season top 50 with recent draftees on it.  3 Holliday 5 Mayo 12 Basallo Basallo was 12 with two recent draftees ahead of him. So we had 3 guys in the top 10. That’s not top 5, but that’s pretty darn close.
    • We really need to get the rotation more LH in the future. I heard a stat that since the WALL became a thing that we only have like 150 IP at by LH SP and our opponents have like 320 IP by LH SP at OPACY.  We rank like 28th in MLB in terms of IP by LH SP at home since the WALL.  We put up the darn wall. We should at least play to it in our home ballpark.  Povich and DeLeon are our only two LH SP prospects. 
    • The Burnes thing with some of you around here is extremely funny. He’s been durable over the last four years. Guys complain about the risks of trading prospects for Skubal, Crochet etc etc due to injury history.    I agree with @Greg Pappas and think Burnes would be a sound investment to anchor our rotation. I’m not saying you don’t insure the contract but it’s a good place to start a starting rotation and the first TOR we’ve had in years.
    • Look, I don't know you, and you certainly don't know me. I don't ask that ANYONE "White Knights" me. I enjoy this page because it is about the Orioles, the love of my sports life. I write impulsively at times, passionately most of the time, and perhaps at times, not up to you punctuation standards. But I will bow to no one in my love for this franchise and how I choose to express it. I don't really care that I get your approval. I do, however feel that your tone has been condescending and insulting. Enjoy your life, don't waste your time with red pencils correcting people's comments. It's simply not important nor worth it.
    • That Basallo, Mayo, and Holliday are still in the system on August 1st and that they acquired Mason Miller (somehow without including any of them in the trade), giving them a better bullpen and equipping them to roll the dice and see if they catch fire in October.
    • Also, I guess there's no set rotation by which they assign that 7th game and a four-game series to the Central and West opponents.  I thought it seemed strange to be playing Cleveland and Houston in a 4-game series yet again, and in fact it'll be the third straight year we played 7 games against Cleveland, and the third time in four years we played 7 games against Houston. In that same four year span we will have never played 7 games against Seattle, and only played the 7th game once against a few other Central/West teams.  Don't really care about this one way or another but I would have assumed it'd rotate around. 
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