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6/24 Orioles at Marlins, Game 2


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Before I head out to the stadium to listen to Mr. Firestone sing the National Anthem here the lineups according to Roch:

For the Orioles:

Brian Roberts - 2B

Felix Pie - CF

Nick Markakis - RF

Aubrey Huff - 1B

Melvin Mora - 3B

Luke Scott - LF

Matt Wieters - C

Robert Andino - SS

Jason Berken - RHP

For the Marlins:

Chris Coghlan - LF

Emilio Bonifacio - 3B

Hanley Ramirez - SS

Jorge Cantu - 1B

Jeremy Hermida - RF

Dan Uggla - 2B

Cody Ross - CF

John Baker - C

Ricky Nolasco - RHP

Should be interesting to see how Pie does in the #2 slot and if he will make something out of this chance.

Let's go O's!

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-I fully endorse giving AJ a day off.

-I don't like the fact that Reimold isn't in the lineup after playing only half of yesterday's game.

-Ricky Nolasco looks like he's back. Tonight isn't going to be easy.

Blame that on NL rules. Luke should play against a lefty.

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You have got to be ****ting me. Every single game someone gets out on the bases. Last night it helped cost us the game. Tonight it's already started in the first inning.

Oh and nice job Nick, I could feel the breeze from here.

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