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7/1 - O's vs. Red Sox, The Rubber Match

The Rick

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I'm on gamecast so what happened? Felix turn an ankle or something????

Race to firstbase. Beckett beat him by a half step but they kinda collided a bit... and Pie took the worst of it, falling down and hitting the ground hard.

Hard to say what he hurt. Maybe hit his head on the ground.

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Cy Bergesen is mowing these guys. He's the perfect pitcher to give the Sox fits though. Throws strikes and doesn't count on hitters chasing.

What bugs the hell out of me is that this isn't an inherent part of a major-league pitcher's game. I've been saying this since spring training: it's not that hard to work quickly and throw strikes. As long as you do that, you keep hitters off blance and uncomfortable, and you can probably sneak a few pitches by 'em consequently. Bergesen is giving our entire organization a free clinic every time he goes out to pitch. We need all of our guys working like him. Just imagine how good our guys with better stuff can become if they adopt his approach.

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