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July 3: Baltimore at Anaheim

Mark Carver

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Good lord how about the orioles play a complete game oncein a while

Again... if by complete game you mean you'd prefer 1 run scored each inning for 9 innings over one huge 9 run inning, then I'd ask whether or not you know each run means the same thing.

It's like people that talk about how wins early in the season don't matter, let's see how they do in August and September. A win is a win. A run is a run. As long as we have more than the other team at the end of the day, I could care less if it's scored in the first or the 11th

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when teams score 6 runs in a game, they usually have a pretty good shot at winning the game. Runs later in the game don't statistically count anymore than those early in the game.

They scored 6. With Hernandez's performance today, they should win with 6. If they can't, it's on Johnson and Sherrill again. Not the offense.

But why put pressure on your pen. You are trying to win a series not a single game. You are giving their pen a break while making ours work hard. It effects future games too.

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