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July 4th O's vs. Angels

Mike B

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Trembley needs to bench these two.

DT better have some words with BRob and Markakis. They need to get hell for that. Cost us a run, we're behind now and our offense hasn't been good in the last few innings. Could cost us a win here...

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I'd pull Markakis AND Roberts and let them sit the rest of the game and tomorrow, because that is pathetic.
Trembley needs to bench these two for the rest of the game, just to send a message.

That's just silly. I hope you guys never wind up being somebody's boss, because you have zero clue what makes a difference.

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    • I would be shocked if we don't have the 1:05 game on Saturday. As far as Sunday goes, Fox 1 already has the times listed but not the matchups.  Looks like either 4:05 or 8:05 game time.  I would expect it to be 4:05 because the Rangers if they win wouldn't go against the Cowboys game that night.  If Tampa wins, I don't see the O's - Tampa matchup being the primetime game. 
    • The term used in the MLB policy is "just cause". It does say burden of proof is on MLB, except it goes back to the player in the event they already have a criminal conviction: https://content.mlb.com/documents/2/9/2/296982292/Major_League_Player_Joint_DV_SA_CA_Policy_English_2018.pdf Burden of Proof. In any case involving discipline imposed under this Policy, the Commissioner’s Office shall have the burden of proving that the Player committed a Covered Act: a. A criminal conviction for an offense involving a Covered Act or a plea of guilty, no contest or nolo contendere, to an offense involving a Covered Act, whether a misdemeanor or felony, shall satisfy the Commissioner’s Office’s burden of proving a violation. In cases involving a criminal conviction or a plea of guilty, no contest or nolo contendere, the burden shall be on the Player to establish that notwithstanding the conviction or plea, the Player did not engage in a Covered Act. b. A Player may be subjected to disciplinary action for just cause by the Commissioner for a violation of this Policy in the absence of a conviction or a plea of guilty to a crime involving a Covered Act. Apparently just comes out of labor and employment law. Basically, it appears analogous to the process when an employer fires a union employee and is handled through a similar arbitration process. I'm not clear from the wikipedia page how it compares to "beyond a reasonable doubt" but I assume it is somewhat lesser than that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_cause_(employment_law)
    • Yea, I don’t feel he has a high floor. His floor is DFA by June. That’s very possible although I would agree I don’t think it’s likely. To be clear, I’m more than happy to have him on the team in 2024. He has been excellent this year. I’m just saying a fall off shouldn’t be seen as improbable and his standing on the team shouldn’t effect how they view Hall’s role.
    • One more thing.  In the video Bauer says he never committed any act of violence towards this woman or anyone else.  If that is true, he should have been flummoxed when he was accused by her of bruising her.  Instead, he says he "feels bad that it happened."  There seems to be more to all of this than what we are seeing.     
    • Depending on how many teams exceeded the salary ceiling, the Orioles could be picking a couple picks higher than expected.
    • Having the game at 4:00 on Saturday is going to be a disaster down there.
    • You may have been over this before.  But I don't remember 100% of what someone else posts.  Anyway, thanks for humoring me. I don't think we're far off actually.  Especially regarding Hall not being blocked by Coulombe.  I do agree that the sample size is small enough to add a lot of variation.  I suppose the difference is that I believe there's more stability than you do (i.e. a higher floor).  You hint at the reason why with "It's the Wall" wrt his HR rate.  The CB is the key to the chase% and swingstr%.  
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