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July 4th O's vs. Angels

Mike B

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Somehow I doubt these guys get pulled. Call it a gut feeling, a hunch, whatever.

I would say that is playing favorites with the Vets. Not a great thing to do as a Manager. Sit their slumping(Roberts) butt.

Roberts muffed up the double play also. Dont forget that.

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Exactly how much do you know about it? Have you managed professionals? Are you experienced at getting the best out of people?

Or are you just yearning to see punishment for the sake of punishment?

Have you ever managed professional baseball players? What makes your opinion right and everybody else's wrong?

Perhaps it would take a benching to send a message to a player.

You know just as much about it as the rest of us AFAIK.

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Oh they changed to Bass while I was getting a green tea refill eh! Thanks for the correction, I saw a 4 lettered B on the back of his shirt and assumed Baez was still out there. Bass... eh guess our BP ain't exactly great tonight lol

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Both are back on the field for the 8th. :bs:

Yeah that's complete garbage. It shows Trembley has no cajones to go against his star players...

I don't care if we lose the game, you can't let Markakis get away with that after what you did to Pie.

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