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July 4th O's vs. Angels

Mike B

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This is like a time-warp... the ump is calling the 90's strike zone that Maddux and Glavine lived off of... low and 4" off the plate, and his arm goes up...

Evidently, 4.5" off the plate is Ball 4...

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    • Yeah he's in a no win situation, really. Now that the world knows that a bunch of banks are sitting on losses, people are subject to panic and the bigger issue that's looming is all of these  0% + .75 bps loans giant companies are going to have to refinance in the near term but can't afford the service payments on.  The retail sector is in for a reckoning. Double whammy of eroding top line due to inflation and inability to negotiate a new refi. They'd all better hope this is a "soft landing" and a quick rebound because if it's not it could get very ugly. We'll all be shopping at Amazon, Wal-Mart or Target!!! (not that most of us don't already do that.) 
    • Even my cold WBC heart was warmed watching the end of the USA-Japan game culminating with Ohtani vs Trout. 3-2, two out, and Ohtani throws the perfect slider for strike 3. Damn. That was fun.
    • I haven't watched any.  International competitions really never have greatly interested me,  be it the Olympics, World Cup or whatever.  I also don't have a current TV service so watching them would be more difficult than I care to go through right now.   I should have MLB.tv in week or so,  then I'll get all the baseball I want!  
    • With just over a week until Opening Day, who makes the final MLB roster?  Safe = 18: SP: Gibson, Ivin, Bradish, Kremer RP: Bautista, Baker, Perez, Akin IF: Mateo, Mountcastle, Urias, Henderson, Frazier, Rutschmann, McCann OF: Santander, Mullins, Hays Prediction: SP: Rodriguez RP: Wells, Voth (especially with Givens injured, I think these two are definitely on the roster), Bauman, Politi IF: Vavra OF: McKenna, Stowers
    • Unfortunately have not really been able to watch I wish they showed more ST games on MASN.
    • Prospects Live has their first scouting book out and Gunnar is on the cover.  Please be no jinx. Please be no jinx. Prospects Live
    • I have no doubt that the WBC games are 100 times more electric than a spring training game.  ST games are very relaxing and fun, but they are the opposite of intense.  I’m still surprised at the viewing disparity, though I’ll wait until tomorrow night before considering the poll results comparable since I started the WBC poll a day earlier.  
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