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7/7 - O's @ M's... Can we solve Bedard?

The Rick

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Last two years he's posted near 3.5 era. That's better than a number 5 guy. For some reason he can't figure it out this year.

I really hope the O's take a long look at some ways to prevent their pitchers from participating in the WBC in future years. I dont know if that is the reason that Guthrie has been poor all year, but it sure did not help. I guess the WBC is a decent idea, but MLB and Selig really botched the timing of the event...

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I'm more concerned about the velocity. He's been up in the zone all season, but he's still been throwing the ball harder than the 90 - 91 he's showing tonight.

Do pitchers ever go through a dead arm period mid-season?

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