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Things That Have Entered Our Lives Since the N.L. Won the All-Star Game


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In this thread, we list things that have entered our consciousness since the last time the National League won the All-Star Game. They may have existed prior to that, but they have exploded onto the scene since. Or, they didn't exist at all prior to that.

Here's a list I came up with to get us started:

The Macarena

Tiger Woods

Reality TV

Baltimore Ravens

Washington Nationals

Washington Wizards

George W. Bush

Barack Obama

Derek Jeter

High Definition Television

Britney Spears

Juan Dixon

Ralph Friedgen

Women's Basketball

Michael Johnson

Michael Phelps

Al Qaeda

Monica Lewinsky



Electric/Hybrid cars



The Internet

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The Marlins have won two World Series and the Diamondbacks have won one since then while the Rockies and Rays have reached the fall classic.


18 no hitters, 3 perfect games and 48 cycles

I was thinking about this last night as well, there are kids who are 12 years old that only know the Brewers as a National League team.

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The cool thing to me, as a kid from the 70's, is that back then the AL never won. It was completely the opposite of the way it is now. I had to listen to year after year of guys like Pete Rose talking about how the National League had more pride, wanted it more, had more hustle, etc... etc. My how things have changed. Oh, and the O's were one of the best franchises in the game. As a kid I used to wonder how teams such as the Cubs and Indians were so bad year after year. Now I understand :(

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My sweet baby.

"I was drowning in my sorrows, til my sorrows learned to swim."

Then I discovered this board, that gave me confidence to join another board... where I met my baby. Started talking to her, not even hitting on her, just as a friend who I thought was very interesting. Things bloosomed and bloomed and we fell in love.

That happened since the last time...

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