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Are we allowed to discuss Erin Andrews crazy peephole stalker?


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How would you feel is this were your daughter?:rolleyestf:

Thankfully, I don't have a daughter. But you're absolutely right about your point. I originally started the thread to address the craziness of the issue which is why I labelled it "crazy peephole stalker".

As to my daughter... Well she's not dating until she's 21 and out of my house (though my gf seems to think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy, right?)

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I'm not judging anybody who watched this thing, but there is no way I'm watching it. I think the lady is pretty gorgeous, but there is no way I can support this act. It would be totally different to me if it were with her consent.

I agree with this viewpoint, and with Frobby's response to me. She is a beautiful woman, but she was taped without her consent in the privacy of her own room. Its just WRONG. I made a joke about it in another post, but it was all in jest. I have not and will not view the video, though tempting. I do have three daughters of my own and a wife, and I would be pretty PO'd if someone did this to them.

Boom Boom, for the love of God, put your pants back on! :eek:

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I'm not judging anybody who watched this thing, but there is no way I'm watching it. I think the lady is pretty gorgeous, but there is no way I can support this act. It would be totally different to me if it were with her consent.

Pretty much this.

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Arrest made in ESPN reporter's voyeur video case

Authorities arrested a man accused of secretly taping ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews in the nude and posting the videos on the Internet, the FBI said Friday.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews claims someone videotaped her while she was nude and posted video online.

Authorities arrested 48-year-old Michael David Barrett at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Friday. Barrett faces a charge of interstate stalking, the FBI said.


The maximum penalty for the charge of interstate stalking is five years in federal prison, the FBI said

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    • I had hoped that, with so many young players starting or about to start their ML careers, some of them would learn how to bunt in a close game (seemingly all of them) when there's a need to move a runner, including scoring one from third. I long ago accepted, reluctantly, the fact that veterans who can't bunt won't learn even if adding that skill  potentially would help the team. Is there a chance that the incoming generation of Orioles, who we're told, and I believe, have a we-rather-than-me mentality and want to do whatever it takes to win, are willing and able to learn how to bunt.
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    • The point is, that if we extend Gunnar for 12 years and $300 million (I just made up a contract with easy math), he isn’t going to make $25 million next season. He’s going to make something like $2 million because it’s a pre-arbitration year. Then he’ll makes something like $7 million in 2026 $12 million in 2027, and $18 million in 2028. A mid market deal for a player (like 3 years for $45 million or 4 years for $56 million) should not impact the team’s ability to pay those salaries in those years. Extensions are about security. Teams don’t just hand exponentially more to players than they would make in those years when they structure the extension. “The Arb game” has nothing to do with this. It is about how extensions are structured and how a shorter term mid-market deal shouldn’t prevent them from paying those types of salaries in the early years of an extension (i.e., the first 3-4 years of an extension). If you don’t believe me, use the Internet and look up what Fernando Tatis Jr. has been paid in the early years of his extension or what Witt Jr. will make.  Burnes is a completely different discussion, but again I don’t believe the team has any interest in extending him. The Lunhow/Elias/Mejdal Astros provide a decent blueprint to what I think they’ll do with respect to pitching.
    • I don't think you can describe anyone who's still in A ball with 133 career pro PAs at age 22 as having a floor of three wins a season. At this point it's an open question as to whether he tops three wins in any MLB season. If you look for comparable players, say .310-.330 OBP, little power, plus-plus basestealing and CF defense, I think the archetype in recent baseball is Michael Bourn. Who did top out with some really good 5-6 win seasons, but tailed off quickly and only had 5-6 seasons as an above-average regular. Beyond him you're looking at guys like Jarrod Dyson, Dee Strange-Gordon, Ben Revere. But only a handful of years each as average to average-plus MLB regulars. And then lots and lots of players who didn't even reach that kind of level. I think we have a few years before we figure out where on that spectrum Bradfield falls.
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