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What year did you see the O's in person?


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Not to interrupt, but September 4, 1989..Tim Hulett hit a game winning HR in the bottom of the ninth. Cal's HR was early in the game, and Komminsk fell over the CF wall. It's on the "Why Not" video.


Oh, and my first game was May of '76. Palmer pitched a shutout against the Twins I believe.

Yup I have seen it:)

I have watched the WHY NOT video several million times!:):wedge:

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1979. September the 15th. 10-2 loss to the Red Sox at Memorial Stadium. Sat the in the 3rd base side mezzanine, on a bus trip with my Dad's work.

This was the game of Yaz' 3001st hit, Bob Watson became the first player to ever hit for the cycle in both leagues, my favorite player Doug DeCinces took an 0-for-4 collar, and Dennis, Tippy, and Full Pack Stanhouse all got rocked.

49,525 were there, and that was one of the (if not the) largest regular season crowd(s) in Baltimore history to that point, according to the note my Dad made in the program.

Three HOFers in the game, Rice, Yaz, and Eddie. Plus Fred Lynn who's probably as deserving of a plaque as Rice. Saw Mark Belanger bat 2nd in a September game where his season OPS was .499. And saw Earl use three pinch hitters and a pinch runner in an AL game with the DH.

I think I still have the program in a box in the garage.

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My brothers took me to see the O's vs. the Yankees for my birthday. It was amazing.

Someone in our section out in the bleachers got a "Reggie Sucks" chant going - I remember my brother saying, "you should probably pretend you didn't hear that."

I miss Memorial Stadium.

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1988 I'm sure. Opponent? I don't remember. I was three years old in 1988. I remember, though, that I never attended an Orioles victory at Memorial Stadium. I went a few more times up until the place closed down.

I remember that we bought Roy Rogers fried chicken before the game and brought it in. I also remember Memorial Stadium being very big, and enjoying the view from the chain link fence around the upper upper upper upper deck.

My Dad didn't take me to Camden Yards often at all when I was young, the tickets were too expensive. I saw two games there when I was a kid. And none during the playoff years. It wasn't until I started working that I began spending my own money on attending OPACY regularly (Absolutely the most affordable sports ticket in town).

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