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July 29 - KC vs Tillman & the O's


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I like the fact that he's throwing the change-up and trying to establish his fastball. Both DeJesus and Bloomquist have hit the ball hard, but no damage done. Butler hits it hard, but right at the SS.

1-2-3. How many times have we said that in the 1st this year?

Awesome job Chris!!

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All the negativity lately, don't care. This is what it's all about. This guy is a part of our return to contention. A lot of good pitches in that 1st inning. Locating his fastball, working in a beautiful changeup, and keeping the ball out of the center of the plate.

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    • Ritchie is off to a nice start to his college career at Oklahoma State.  
    • Got to wonder is the Orioles dodged a bullet on not going over slot with Witt. Not off to a good start with Texas this year.  https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=witt--001tan
    • I agree. with a 3-2 count you have to be ready for anything and make contact. Waiting on a pitch earlier in the count is fine but not 3-2.
    • Fangraphs’ Jon Becker weighs in: I guess things could be one hitless at-bat worse for Jackson Holliday, but his 1-for-30 start to his major league career certainly isn’t how anyone envisioned things would turn out. He’s struck out in half of his plate appearances with just a pair of walks, and his average exit velocity is nearly two mph below the league average. Hey, at least he’s fast and has acclimated well to second base (3 outs above average). Fortunately, the Orioles haven’t needed Holliday to be a superstar right away. He’s hit eighth or ninth in every game he’s played, and that’s as much about easing him in as it is about the rest of the ridiculous hitting talent on the O’s roster. Holliday went 0-for-3 with a walk in Baltimore’s 5-0 win over the Royals on Sunday, but the other eight batters in that game’s lineup enter this week with the following wRC+ numbers: 159, 120, 154, 119, 159, 138, 239, and 199, respectively. Yes, the seven and eight hitters (Colton Cowser and Jordan Westburg) in that lineup are Baltimore’s two most productive offensive players right now — and yet it’s completely justifiable to hit them there considering the performances and pedigree of everyone else. It’s too early to say if the Orioles should pull the plug on Holliday and let him get some confidence back in Triple-A, but the point here is that they really don’t have to. Yes, you’d like everyone in your lineup to be productive, but Baltimore can afford to let him figure things out at the big league level.
    • Well if we pencil Suarez in for a no-hitter today, then we just need Kremer or Rodriquez to be solid and we can win the series...
    • Agreed. I get the thinking that he has "nothing left to learn" at AAA because of the numbers he put up there, but the problem with that is it ignores the fact that big league pitchers are showing that he might have more to learn.  There are some quality pitchers in AAA, so it's not like they are all awful. He's too good to to look this bad, so there is certainly a chance this is all in his head right now. That 3-2 take definitely gave me pause because it showed he was guessing. Good major league hitters don't guess on 3-2 pitches. 
    • And his 2023 avg EV was 86.5 with 35% hard hit rate.   
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