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July 29 - KC vs Tillman & the O's


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    • The O's often seem to get runners on base but can't drive them in.   They often don't get the big hit that opens up the game.   Yesterday that is just what Lester did.   He got the hit that made the score go from  3-0 to 6-0 (which included a Giant error).    The thing that impressed me about Lester's hit was he did not swing for the fences.   He hit a single to right center with the bases loaded.   So often it seems the  O's take the big swing and fly out to the warning track.    I guess that is how Lester has 50 RBIs in 52 games in AAA.   Lester did what the O's needed.   He drove in the runs.  The O's could use a guy like that. So Coulombe is expected back on Tuesday.   Someone has to be optioned.   Will it be Lester or Vavra?   And if Lester stays where  will that find at bats for him?   Do they give Gunnar more time for his back to heal?   All I have is questions.  No answers.  
    • What a bum! Non-prospect, obviously
    • Haha, I heard that - but ironically she had done the EXACT same thing, either during the Rangers or Indians series, so this time I was prepared for what she meant lol.
    • Not to make excuses for Mountcastle, he hasn't been good, but it still seems to me that he is punished by bad luck. How many balls has he hit hard that in a majority of instances would be base hits / extra bases? I see him attempting to be more selective with the low and away pitches only to be screwed by umpires with an unfavorable call, which often has put him in bad counts forcing him to swing away. I say this not to provide an excuse for the guy, but it's gotta weigh heavily on a player when he's smoking pitches that are continuously finding gloves. Mountcastle is a peculiar case, and who knows what the answer is. At this point maybe just have to except that bad luck is a part of his game, and move on to someone who actually produces instead of waiting on the hope of Mountcastle could be.
    • Absolutely, arguing the merits of the strategy is completely fair. That is very different than the post I responded to, which was trying to psychoanalyze Hyde and some of his players. That gets us into subjective territory rather than evidence based discussion. So far the matchup strategy seems to be working but there may come a point in time it doesn't. I appreciate you called our some concerning trends that we can then track as the season progresses. Based on the track record so far, I am giving Hyde and staff a long leash to see how it plays out. Last year, Baker, Perez, and Bautista were all very strong down the stretch. That being said, using Cano up five was a weird decision.  I can only think that Hyde wanted Cano to get work with an off day coming up. I am quite certain though that it wasn't in reaction to Baumann giving up the walk, as Cano would have been warming up well before that point. 
    • She was terrible on the call for the Sabol homerun yesterday. It went something like “Santander back towards the wall, he turns and it’s off the top of the wall! *5 second pause* The Sabol homerun makes it a 7-2 ball game” I was listening thinking the ball was off the wall and in play, stuff like that just happens far to often with her or Garceau on the radio, where you’re just sitting there wondering what just happened. 
    • Yep, I had that wrong. It was Veen over Kjerstad, and you were not alone. 
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