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Billy Beane's empire in shambles, gloated too soon?


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Clearly you didn't read the article.

I read it. I'm one of his haters. So I see everything thru a prism of dislike. So thus am enjoying his movie crashing and the fact his team sucks rocks.

I read MONEYBALL also. He went on and on how much he worked out in the clubhouse with the players. You think he didnt know exactly that Oakland was the epicenter of the Steriod Era? You think he didnt pass stalls in the mens room with two grown men putting things in their butts? Think he didnt hear them grunting and moaning and pulling down their pants?

His OBP was really centered on non athletic roided up players.

He is no prophet he is the Anti-Christ.

LOL. Just my opinion.

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Gurgi, what are you talking about? What is this thread meant to express? Why all the hate for Billy Beane, one of the more innovative GMs of the last 20 years?

Also, calling a man the Anti-Christ isn't becoming for someone as pious as you.

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