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McCutchen - 3 HRs Tonight


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This, plus the acquisition of Matt Holliday by the Cardinals, may well torpedo the hopes of Colby Rasmus of winning the NL ROY award. Rasmus will probably have to split playing time down the stretch with Rick Ankiel and, to a lesser degree, with Ryan Ludwick, which might severely diminish his chances to build his resume.

If the Cardinals manage to re-sign Holliday, then either Ankiel or Ludwick will probably be gone from the Cards next season. I'm guessing that the cost of signing Holliday, plus the cost of extending Pujols, will keep the Cardinals from trying to re-sign Joel Pineiro as well.

That's a shame because Joel has quietly developed into the most effective Cardinals starter this season. It's premature to declare Joel an "ace", but he's got the best FIP on the Cards after Carpenter and he's had less "luck" (FIP-ERA). Pineiro doesn't strike out as many as Carpenter, Wainwright, or several others on the team, but he's the clear leader when it comes to not giving up walks.

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