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Rays Cut Wade Townsend


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    • I came here to say all this.  He’s got a TON of calls this year.  So many that he’s likely expecting more.  He’s doing nothing to embarrass himself and obviously the little complaint isn’t hurting anything.  He’s competing and I love the controlled emotion.    WHO CARES!     Celebrate the man and try to enjoy one of the best single season performances you’ll ever see. 
    • fWAR has Gunnar jumping ahead 5.5 to Judge 5.1. Maybe separating from Soto and Witt's 4.5.  
    • This poll is inspired by a post by SportsGuy opining that the 2026 Orioles COULD have an infield that has Gunnar Henderson at 3B and Jackson Holliday at SS.   What do you think?
    • Elevate and celebrate as an art form, I thought Fangraphs had an interesting piece a week or two ago about bat speed that is completely intuitive once spelled out, but I'd never really thought about it. The baseball is decelerating as contact nears but the bat is accelerating.     The story did some charts how bat speed at contact inches up gradually the more the batter can catch it out in front, with SLG escalating as you'd expect. No doubt travel ball coaches and buscones are learning this stuff in the same granular detail as the big leaguers are in recent years, and I believe some 10 year olds are training for it even today.
    • 6' 4" 235 former Iowa wide receiver with a 4SFB that touches 101 mph and a 70 grade SL. Ceiling is very high. Floor, if he stays healthy, is a backend BP guy who can close. There is not a lot of wear and tear on the arm. If he can refine the CU/Splitter for LH hitters he's a beast.  As many on here know, I am not a fan of taking a pitcher, especially a college pitcher, in the first round. Too much risk for me at that price point/bonus slot. However, if Brecht falls to #22, you have to be tempted.
    • 1.  I really don’t think he protests that often. 2.  He’s getting WAY more calls this year than he did last year.  So clearly, any protesting he’s doing isn’t hurting him with the umps.    3.  I never noticed that constant whining by Jeter or Ortiz ever hurt them with the umps.   Totally overblown topic IMO.   Nothing to see here.    
    • Beavers needs to turn it around.  He’s becoming one of the biggest disappointments.   It looked like he was taking it to another level when he went on a mini homer streak but, unfortunately, that has led to very high strikeout rates and a long slump.
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