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Worst Oriole Ever

Remember The Alomar

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I was just thinking, who do you guys think is the worst Oriole ever? I did a quick search and I couldn't find a thread based around this so I thought I might as well make when.

This isn't necessarily your least favorite Oriole, rather I'm looking for players that were so god awful that you kind of felt bad for them.

I would have to go with Juan Bell and his 223 PA's of pure suckitude in '91. .172/.201/.249. Ouch.

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Russ Ortiz.

But wait, Leo just found a glitch with his release point-- oh wait, he's looked at some film and found the flaw that has been screwing everything up... and on and on...

It seemed like after every start there was some excuse to why he was so bad. Anyone else remember that?

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