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Jake Arrieta's inconcsitencies....


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I disregard everything you just said. I can go into any of these threads and make several stupid posts that wouldn't be considered spam and rack up the amount of posts that I have made. When this happens, at 100 I'll become Aberdeen, at 250 Delmarva, at 500 Frederick or something along those lines. I belong to other forums with the same thing.

You know what the best part is? At all of them, they react the same way:

"Oh, you have only made 20 posts; you obviously don't know what you're talking about and you should listen to the guys who have the most posts on the forum. They are veterans and you are a nub."

Guess what, I argue and debate with them too because I'm opinionated, and I don't care what unwritten rule you guys want to go by to try and sort out who has good information and who doesn't. You have no idea my knowledge level of the game or the players involved, and instead of querying me, you want me to shut my mouth and move on. Honestly, I don't care, but I laugh that you think the number of posts someone has made matters to me.

The only thing that matters to me is the information they provide. If I tell you Arrieta sucks as a starter and is destined to be a reliever, you will ask me why. If I had 10,000 posts and said Arrieta sucks as a starter and is destined to be a reliever, you wouldn't ask me why? You would just trust me?

Again, without data or scouting reports, any claim you make can easily be disregarded by people like me. I make arguments based on those such things and any opinions you have I take with a grain of salt. It's my style, and I suggest you get used to it.

And if you don't respect me, I really don't care.

All-Star, I hope you have figured out I do have fun with my responses, and I do value your opinions but I like to see evidence in some fashion. You've been playful in your responses, and it was fun. We'll do it again.


Wow! ..... an arrogant Bandit. Curious....are you a member of the Obama administration?......:scratchchinhmm:

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Much like baseball, this site pays some respect to posters who have stuck around for a while. We do it through rep and through the little category below your name. You are listed as a Bluefield Oriole. AllStar is listed as, well, an All-Star. For some, these rankings are a measure of longevity or activity more than knowledge. That's not the case for AllStar though.

So, on this site, you're sort of like Ryan Palsha (pitcher - Bluefield O's) calling out Mark Buehrle (All Star pitcher). It's not that your opinion isn't welcome, because I'm sure Palsha has something to say. It's that a guy like Palsha shouldn't be dismissive of what Buehrle is saying.

As I hope you can see from the bolded words above, your opinion is most certainly welcome. I'm simply trying to point out that you've been dismissive of one of the most knowledgable posters on this board...number of posts notwithstanding.

Try not being so combative. :pain:

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Whoa there guys. Appreciate the kind words and all, but all is good here. We've discovered Bandit likes to argue his point of view and comes off a bit rough around the edges...but last I checked we had a couple long standing respected guys here like that already ;)

He just likes to push the envelope and is still feeling out who knows what, my guess is that his theory is anyone that can keep up with him with baseball knowledge and throwing quick wit around is cool with him. I don't think he means things as bad as they come out. It's all gravy.

My stuff speaks for itself in the end you know, you can read the things I post or not read them, but I know what I know, and I'm not going to stop posting them. I'm sure a good chunk of people appreciate being able to see the little stuff I can relay (and I'm sure Bandit is one of them) so I'll just keep doing what I do if that's cool with everyone else and everyone else will continue to have their opinions and this wonderful site will go on.

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