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8/14 Os Tillman v. Angels' Weaver


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By the way, what is Nolan's injury ???
Left fielder Nolan Reimold was held out of the starting lineup Wednesday as Trembley continues to try to spell the rookie to rest his sore left leg. Reimold has been getting regular treatment on his Achilles tendon since last year, and also has had some pain behind his knee that he thinks is a result of overcompensating for the injury.

"It's nothing that is going to keep me off the field," Reimold said.



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I think its just your interpretations of how hard they are playing.

When they aren't hitting well, that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't playing hard.

I won't get into the consistent baserunning and other mental gaffes they have been making lately, but I didn't reach a conclusion, I just posed a question. I was wondering if they might have stamina issues because compared to the last week or so, they seem more dialed in, a little more tight in the field and at the plate.

This of course is the case after a day of rest.

Just idle speculation...


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    • Absolutely, great series.  I'd have signed up for 2 out of 3 in a heartbeat.  Now let's do the same in Milli-wall-kay, which of course means the good land.
    • Honest question to you (and others that think she's fine).... Have you tried listening on the radio?  To either her or Garceau? On TV I don't think they're very good but I don't really care because I can see the action.  But while I respect everyone's opinion I don't understand how people could think that either are acceptable on the radio.
    • It was Lawlar over Cowser. I liked Veen over Kjerstad. I have no issue with either pick, just had a preference.
    • They probably want to see him play for all 9 innings for at least a week (possibly two, as said above) before they call him up to the show.    Here's hoping he's up by sometime in June.
    • I have no problem with Hyde using Cano yesterday.   It was a big game.   Lose that game and the O's would have lost 3 series in a row.  Winning that game makes everything look better. Really Bautista, Cano and Coulombe have been the O's  only reliable relievers.    Bakers has been hot and cold.   I never know what we are going to get from Baumann, Akin and  Voth.  And its hold your  breath time when  Perez  comes  in. Hyde says the O's always seem to play close games.  Well there is a reason for that.   When they get a lead and he goes with relievers other than Bautista, Cano and Coulombe the other relievers let the other team back in the game.   All in all its pretty amazing the O's have the 5th best pen in the MLB. There is a reason Hyde pulls many of his relievers after a few batters.   They have proven they are not to be trusted too far.    So Hyde  is left to maneuver  his way through the middle innings.  
    • I feel for the guy.  But it’s frustrating to watch someone continue to make the same mistakes over and over with no adjustments.  Sure, he’s likely trying but it ain’t working.  
    • The .273 OBP is really the killer. I'm really surprised the Orioles with all of their analytics keep putting an absolute out machine in the lineup everyday. Now I have noticed they are finally starting to give O'Hearn and hopefully Santander if they promote Cowser more opportunities.  I really think Mountcastle needs a reset in the minors. He was not done any factors coming up in a system at the time that did not make him learn plate discipline so you get what we got at this point.  Maybe some Norfolk time would help? I don't know if he's fixable but he clearly has continued to decline in the major leagues as pitchers have figured out how to get him out and he hasn't been able to make the adjustment back. 
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