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What would you offer for Adrian Gonzalez?


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Well, I can't disagree with your logic at all in that scenario, but I do feel there has to come a time to stop playing/waiting for the next wave. There is always a next wave. Sometimes they pan, sometimes they don't. If you want to play for the here and now. That trade would be a good haul both ways. Provided Votto isn't Glenn Davis.

I agree that at some point, you have to make the trades.

I am willing to part with both Hernandez and Arrieta in the same package because I know if we need a starter, we could dip down and pull up Johnson and/or Britton, as well as the option of Liz if necessary. If we trade away most of the next wave and we get ravaged by injuries, we will be hurting if Berken needs to step back in the rotation. I would be fine dealing one of Drake, O'Shea, or Moreland along with Hernandez and Arrieta. We could also use Turner as a trade chip.

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I know they released Terry Crowley.:wedge:

I also know that they are a mess, Much like the orioles were at one time and are most likley looking for their Erik Bedard way out.

In other words you don't know anything about them and their willingness to do that trade.:rolleyestf:
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In other words you don't know anything about them and their willingness to do that trade.:rolleyestf:

First off, I don't think SportsGuy ever offered that as an actual proposal. He was merely trying to point out that the Orioles should go after a younger, soon to be high priced, on a team that can't afford them player. Second off, According to the local Cincy newspaper, they are apparently going to try and start by building from the farm system (in a quote from the GM, albeit a shotty interview that no answers are firmly given)

The plan is to try and develop quality young players and build a foundation for the organization for the long-term, not just the short-term.


Third off you have to be the most argumentative person I have ever seen on these boards. Your snide retorts are growing rather old to me. I am to assume that your source of the XM radio is of much more value than a newspaper?

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Great so we get AGonz for 2 years with the worst rotation in baseball...at the expense of some of our best prospects to fix the fact that we give up the most runs in baseball...pitching is our most glaring need, we absolutely stink, we are the worst there is...why would you trade away the solution? If you were trying to eat spaghetti would you trade a fork for a knife? NO. You wouldn't...Honestly, if you want AGonz so bad, I'd rather trade Wieters for him because that, at least, makes a little more sense considering how bad we are with pitching.

Call me Miss Cleo, but I KNOW for a fact that we are going to lose today because Berken is pitching...how many contending teams can say that on any given day...before the game is even played? It's not because we can't hit the ball, not because we can't field, but because Berken will give up more runs than we can score...that NEEDS to be fixed.

Who predicted that one? Might I add that I did it before the game was even played based solely on who was pitching...Is it too hard to ask for a rotation that gives us a chance to win every single game? That's what contenders have. Not even Smoltz gave Boston that chance so they got rid of him. We need a rotation full of solid players, like the ones you are implying we trade away for a piece that we can easily acquire through free agency in 2 years (this offseason's crop isn't good enough).

We are the worst pitching team in baseball, it's right there, in the numbers...how are we in any position to TRADE AWAY our pitching help?

It is if there are any bats for sale and if they want to play in Baltimore, and if you are willing to pursue said bats aggressively.

It's hard to even make this claim considering we haven't aggressively pursued a big name bat since AM has been here...if we do that, and fail, then I might buy into your argument...and if you even say we pursued Tex aggressively, your posting rights should be taken away.

The 2011 free agent class includes: Berkman (option), Pujols (option), Konerko, Derrek Lee, Carlos Pena, Adam Dunn, etc...I feel like we could contend with any of those in our lineup, and without giving up our future rotation in the process.

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Correct, they don't have to trade Gonzalez. You have to give them something to make them trade him.

With the pitching depth and financial resources the Orioles have, they can make this trade IMO, as Tillman can be replaced, ditto for Matusz.

You get one of the best first baseman in baseball defensively and offensively and you don't just trade for Gonzalez and stop, you trade for Gonzalez and then continue to upgrade around him, like trading for Hardy and signing Lackey for example.

Trading for Gonzalez signals to your players like Wieters and Jones that you are committed to winning and it signals to your fanbase that you are committed to winning.

Right now the only commitment the fans and players are seeing is that we are going with cheap, young players. Not that we are going to win games.

It would signal to me as a fan that we were commited to losing

Pitching wins baseball games there is no way we should give up our top pitching for a first baseman.

I would be more inclined to move Markakis and perhaps a couple of pitchers from the next wave of prospects than Tillman,Bergeson or Matusz.

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If the Padres were willing to accept a package like Snyder, Steve Johnson, and Erbe, I could go for that. If it were something like Snyder, Arrieta, and Britton, I doubt I would do it. It really just depends on the quality of the minor leaguers. If they ask for Tillman and Matusz, forget it.

I would put a list of six players on the table:

-- Matusz

-- Arrietta

-- Snyder

-- Britton

-- Erbe

-- Johnson

You pick one, and then I take one back.

Lastly I need this guy signed long term.

We need a first baseman. He's young, he hits and he's available. Time to beat Boston at its own game if this wretched franchise ever wants to win again. Just my two cents:)

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The team is dead last in pitching. Say it with me. The team is dead last in pitching. Trading a future staff ace for a 1B is ridiculous and counter-productive. The team is dead last in pitching. Unless Adrian Gonzalez learns to throw a fastball, we will remain in last place if we trade Matusz or Tillman. The team is dead last in pitching.

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b/c everything was prefaced w/ the thought that an extension would be required before any deal was made. the entire thread is pretty pointless if there is no extension contingency.
Since windows for extension are very rare, and most unlikely in this case, this entire thread is indeed pretty pointless.
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