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Cubs fan/writer calling for boycott

Migrant Redbird

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101 Years of Futility and Counting? Boycott, Cubs Fans

Here's a couple of excerpts from a lengthy whine.

Tuesday night, in keeping with masochistic tradition, 40,000 fans will file into an ancient ballpark, ignore the reality of the standings and root for the Cubs to beat the Washington Nationals. They'll do so even though the Nationals, I dare say, might be better than the Cubs these days. This would be the ideal evening to boycott the one sports team in America that never, ever gives its diehards a reward for their loyalty, a franchise headed toward a 101st consecutive season without a World Series title.

.... This is what I've lived with for 17 years. This is what the natives have lived with for generations. But 2009 seems to carry a particular gloom,.... Every offseason move made by general manager Jim Hendry has turned to manure,...

.... this would be one of the ugliest dollar-for-dollar teams in baseball history.....

... I've said it before. I'll say it again. The Cubs will not win a World Series in any of our lifetimes, if anyone's lifetime at all....

... "It's hard to be out there playing sometimes," admitted shortstop Ryan Theriot,...

... My preference would be to steal Theo Epstein from the Red Sox. Or one of the young major league GMs who are faring well, such as Jon Daniels of the Rangers....

... "I've said all along this is my last managing job. I'm going to go home and I'm going to enjoy my life [after this]," Piniella said.

Yeah, I pulled a couple of the quotes slightly out of context, so they weren't quite as bad as they sound. Go read the entire article, if you care.

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Who knows....maybe the new multi-billionaire owners of the Cubs will put the money up to field a championship caliber team.

Isn't the team payroll around $135 Mil. this year?? :confused: It's not like they're KC or Pittsburgh. If that's middle-of-the-pack, what's a good payroll for a 'championship caliber team'.? Hell, the Yankee's haven't won a world series in a while and their payroll is over $200 Mil.

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But wait. There was more MacPhun with MacPhail: The only consecutive 95-loss seasons ever for a franchise that patented losing, and the coddling and creation of FrankenSosa when Mark Grace was told to walk and promptly walked into a World Series title in Arizona while FrankenSosa walked out on his team with his corked bats and corked arms.

If the Cubs are going to try it again, the answer is pretty simple. It was the answer when MacPhail first came in and was looking for a general manager.

Steve Stone.

Nobody knew the National League better than Stone when MacPhail was brought in. The National League in that ballpark, certainly, after all his years of broadcasting Cubs games. And nobody knew the Cubs better.

But MacPhail opted to give Lynch a learner’s permit, and how’d that work out for everybody?

Stone is guy who grew in the Baltimore system, where the philosophy was, if we need more hitting, we’ll get more pitching instead. And I believe he has a lot more self-respect than everybody else at Clark and Addision so that if Carlos Zambrano was going to be lazy, then he would be fined, suspended and/or traded for such stupidity and insubordination. And I don’t think Stone would go shopping for overpaid hood ornaments such as Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley.

Full scale mental breakdowns happening in Chicago right now. This writer is a tool. He wants Steve Stone to be GM? Probably because they spend time together in the Media room before and after games and Steve seems sooooo smart when they talk together.

He mentions Steve Stone "grew" in the Baltimore system? He was drafted by SF then spent time in Chicago with the WhiteSox and Cubs before ending up in Baltimore where a terrific team won him a CY Young because he ate enough innings and we won a lot of games. Parts of three years, when he was a "grown" man already.

What was MacPhails job in Chicago anyway? It seems he was never just a GM but some kind of President of Operations? It confuses the life out of me.

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This is an awful article. Aside from claiming Steve Stone was grown in our system, it also insinuates MacPhail signed Bradley and Soriano, and that it was Mark Grace that won that World Series, not Johnson, Schilling, and Luis Gonzalez's 57 home runs.

The Cubs fans need to chill out. They're dealing with down years from Soriano, Bradley, Fontenot, and Harden. And still only in second place.

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... And still only in second place.

Yes, only in 2nd place, but slipping fast and only 1 game above .500. It's a sad finish for a team which most preseason prognosticators were handing the division title and the NL best record before the season opened. They really don't have the kinds of excuses that the Mets have -- in terms of injuries -- it's been largely just poor performances from players on whom they were counting.

A lot has been made about the Cardinals acquisitions of Holliday, DeRosa, and Lugo, but they've stretched the lead over the Cubs from 3 games to 9 while those three and Pujols have all been struggling at the plate.

Player    G GS PA AB R  H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO  BA   OBP  SLG  OPS Pujols   11 11 50 39 9  9  1  0  3  5   1  1 10  9 .231 .400 .487 .887 Holliday 11 11 50 42 6 12  3  1  2 11   0  1  6  5 .286 .380 .548 .928DeRosa   11 10 44 38 6 10  2  0  0  2   0  1  6 10 .263 .364 .316 .679 Lugo      9  4 22 18 3  2  1  0  0  1   0  0  3  3 .111 .238 .167 .405

Holliday was still hitting in the first of those 2 weeks, but his BA the last week has only been .200; however, he has been drawing a lot of walks to pad his OBP.

The difference for the Cardinals the past 2 weeks has been their pitching. The league ERA standings for the season have been tightening up considerable.

1.  Chris Carpenter, STL  2.162.  Matt Cain, SFO        2.393.  Tim Lincecum, SFO     2.434.  Adam Wainwright, STL  2.5013  Joel Pineiro  STL     3.15

Cardinals fans have been wracking their memories for comparisons.

I'm trying to figure out when the Cardinals had at least three starters with ERA's that low in one season.

I think the closest would be in '85:

Tudor - 1.93

Cox - 2.88

Andujar - 3.40

Then you would have to go all the way back to that amazing '68 season:

Gibson - 1.12

Washburn - 2.26

Briles - 2.81

Carlton - 2.99

The Cards have had a problem with their number five starter all season. They finally put Wellemeyer on the DL about 2 weeks ago. They had no sooner picked up Smoltz to try and plug that hole when Lohse went on the DL too.

MLB starting rotation splits:

RK TEAM       GP  W  L  ERA CG  IP    ER  R   BB  SO  BAA1  Giants    126 50 40 3.49 10 771.1 299 320 296 695 .2342  Cardinals 127 57 43 3.57  7 789.0 313 340 212 543 .2663  Dodgers   126 45 34 3.65  1 714.2 290 308 285 592 .2354  Braves    125 48 40 3.71  1 754.0 311 338 250 586 .2545  Cubs      123 47 41 3.82  1 735.1 312 346 252 624 .2526  Mariners  126 40 37 3.99  3 733.1 325 358 258 528 .2487  Rockies   126 57 39 4.06  5 767.1 346 369 261 553 .2658  Tigers    125 46 41 4.24  4 739.0 348 378 267 574 .26411 Phillies  123 51 33 4.31  5 735.0 352 366 211 547 .27312 Rangers   124 54 37 4.31  6 737.0 353 369 262 467 .26614 Yankees   125 49 33 4.51  3 731.2 367 402 292 598 .26520 Red Sox   125 51 39 4.65  7 747.2 386 406 245 621 .27524 Angels    124 52 34 4.98  7 726.1 402 422 258 512 .27925 Twins     126 48 45 5.07  4 724.0 408 428 196 489 .28529 Brewers   125 42 46 5.25  1 701.0 409 438 304 522 .27930 Orioles   126 33 55 5.42  2 680.2 410 441 248 412 .290
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This is an awful article. Aside from claiming Steve Stone was grown in our system, it also insinuates MacPhail signed Bradley and Soriano, and that it was Mark Grace that won that World Series, not Johnson, Schilling, and Luis Gonzalez's 57 home runs.

The Cubs fans need to chill out. They're dealing with down years from Soriano, Bradley, Fontenot, and Harden. And still only in second place.

Well, we're talking about Mariotti. He's not exactly a real sports journalist.

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Migrant Redbird:

It looks to me that those "slumps" Holliday and Pujols were in added up to a .900 OPS between them...just sayin'

That's a slump for Pujols; he's been above 1.100 most of the season. Holliday's OPS is padded by a flurry of walks the past week; over a season he's not going to get walks at that rate.

I seem to recall a stretch last year when Izturis was at or near the top of the Cardinals roster in OPS, solely because he was drawing a bunch of unaccustomed walks. That didn't last long.

I don't expect the "slump" by Pujols and Holliday to last long either; at least, I hope that it doesn't.

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From the Joe Strauss Live chat at St. Louis Post Dispatch

Albert has also become sensitive to questions about his health though numerous people within the organization confirm his elbow is an ongoing issue.

From the Chicago Sun Times

"I just pray the game is nine innings, so I can be out there the last amount of time as possible and go home."

Cub fans and Milton Bradley have one thing in common: they both can't wait for him to go home.

Bradley and Pujols have one thing in common: They're both getting pretty testy.

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