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Meltdown in Chicago?

Migrant Redbird

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OK, this is almost like piling on, but it's also some funny stuff going on in Chicago. Milton Bradley is quoted as hoping games will be over in 9 innings, so that he can get off the field that much faster, then goes out and has a 3 for 3 day at the plate (and a botched fly ball). Carlos Zambrano says that he's tired of it and wants out of Chicago. Pinella is showing the strain, but insists he's still gung ho in Chicago.

St. Louis Sports Forum: The wheels on the Cubs' bus, on the other hand, continue to come off.

This was a quote from MissouriBird on the game thread, so I'm borrowing it start a thread which links to stories in the Chicago Newspapers.

Thinks getting downright ugly in Wriggleyville.

The headline is linked to the source, then a snippet or two.

Cubs should cut Milton Bradley

As of Wednesday, when Bradley declared he roots for nine-inning games because he can't wait to get home, Hendry no longer can cross his fingers and hope Bradley becomes the player he pictured he would be in right field at Wrigley Field. He has to do something to get him off the roster, the sooner the better.
The only way to trade Bradley, according to executives with other clubs, is to up your ante to take on someone else's bad contract. You know the names -- the Blue Jays' Vernon Wells, owed $98.5 million over five years; the Giants' Barry Zito, $83 million over four years; the Astros' Carlos Lee, $55.5 million over three years, maybe the Giants' Aaron Rowand, $36 million over three years.

Chicago Cubs' Carlos Zambrano bemoans intense scrutiny

"Anything can happen," he said. "I'm tired of this."
Zambrano, who is 7-5 with a 3.80 ERA, maintains that when the Cubs are losing, he's usually one of the first to get the blame.
"When you're doing it in this situation, they point at just one guy, or two," he said. "Sometimes it's [Alfonso] Soriano, sometimes it's Bradley, or me."
Asked where he would want to go, Zambrano replied: "I want to get out of here."

Piniella's no-lose plan -- for himself

It seems mind-bogglingly stupid that Cubs manager Lou Piniella said he will lean on his veteran players as much as he can as they try to overcome an eight-game deficit because, duh, the disasters formerly known as Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley are among the major reasons the Cubs begin this homestand eight games back.

Piniella said he’ll play his old guys, mind you, right after Jake Fox went 4-for-4 and Sam Fuld added to his collection of face-plants at the fence. No playing time for the players who have performed. Nope, Piniella Playing Time goes to those who haven’t earned it. You’re screwed, Cubs fans.

One of the favorite Cards fans' descriptions of the Cubs? Completely Useless By September. I keep telling my fellow fans that, sooner or later, this worm too shall turn.

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