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Sept 1st O's vs. The Yanks


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Uh oh. What happened.

Jauss is pissed and so is Pie. And Pie is never angry.

I'm watching on MLB.tv and I'm getting YES. After Pie hit it out, AJ made a motion toward Pie, like "Are you kidding me? Felix Pie took me deep?" But it's not entirely clear. Apparently the O's dugout was not happy about it.

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    • One year, maybe 8-9 back, I believe 7-8 Royals were "voted" in as well.  So they come out in droves as well.  
    • The ZiPS projection is 8 years, $210 million.  https://blogs.fangraphs.com/lets-sign-some-contracts-2024-edition/ No way he agrees to less than $30M AAV, so assuming he stays healthy and effective I think the floor for his contract is 7/210 or 8/240.  Would I do that? Entirely depends on what kind of payroll Rubenstein is willing to run. But the Orioles have zero long term payroll obligations and really only need frontline starting pitching. They are in a World Series window right now. If they can afford a mega free agent contract and stomach the risk of giving one to a 30+ SP, he’s as good a candidate that can come along.  Of course, a big market team might end up offering him closer to $300M+ in the neighborhood of the Cole and Yamamoto deals. I don’t think the Orioles can or should do that. 
    • I mean, Rutschman had a month where he played like a typical catcher immediately following his injury that caused him to miss ST, and then played like an all star his entire rookie campaign and was 2nd in ROY voting.   Gunnar was on fire during his 2022 call-up, had a slump to open 2023, and then won ROY.   I'd say they both did, or close.  None of their initial lumps were anything close to a being 2 for 34 with a 50% whiff rate.
    • Great shot, thank you.   That was another thing.  Palmer immediately said terrible play by trying to score.  I’m thinking, what.  There’s 2 outs.   That’s especially when you when you gamble that they won’t make the play.  He kills me sometimes.   Pitcher throws a curve middle middle and batter swings and misses.  Nice pitch.  Same pitch gets hit for a double.  “And that’s what happens when you throw the ball there”.
    • They weren't playing like All Stars for a while. That's the part people forget.
    • For me, I think it boils down to wanting to see more power. If he's driving the ball more, that tells me his swing and his swing decisions are confident, mechanically he's sound, and that he's improving. Because that's the most obvious part of his game that you'd want to see improvements from. 
    • I think Gunnar or Witt will get it (and probably Gunnar, if things continue as they are). I haven't looked into it but it feels like the Yankee/Red Sox All Star dominance hasn't been as strong in recent years. It probably helps that all voting is online, and the site shows you their current stats right there when you vote. 
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