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Sept 1st O's vs. The Yanks


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Chris Ray replaces Alberto Castillo with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd...


Chris Ray is absolutely positively pwned by the Yankees...

Didn't Trembley watch the 2007 season?

ARod singles to bring in the tying run...

And that is why you need to fire Trembley. Not that alone, but just another countless example...

Never, ever, ever bring in Chris Ray to face the Yankees with a 1 run lead with men on base.

Giving up a hit to one of the best players in our generation isn't a sin JTrea...
Sorry, but that's just stupid.
In that situation, Ray is the last person you call out of the pen.

The Yankees own him. Don't believe me? Look here...


That ain't pretty...

That's ridiculous, and I would hope you know better than that.
You'd ignore a .991 OPS against in almost 100 PAs?
Yes, just as I'd ignore any fluke stat.
LOL, c'mon you've seen Ray lit up just about every time he's faced the Yankees. They owned him in 2006, 2007 and are just picking up where they left off...

Entering tonight's game, in action this season they had a .529/.556/1.000/1.556 line against him in 18 PAs.

I'm not going to argue about something so stupid.
Just stop it. You don't know what they hell you're talking about. You throw around this junk like you understand baseball, but you don't. If you wanna do that in the main board, fine... but stop screwing up the game thread during a good game with your ignorant BS .
Any stat to go along with that number is pointless, just give it up.

Top of the 7th inning, Ray still pitching

Cano doubles

Swisher HRs

Hinske HRs

Cabrera singles

Matt Albers replaces Chris Ray

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