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Who are you rooting for - Tigers or Twins?


Who do you want to win the playoff game  

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  1. 1. Who do you want to win the playoff game

    • Tigers - the city of Detroit needs it
    • Twins - love to see the big comeback

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I still harbor bitterness towards the Detroit Tigers for ruining the last game at Memorial Stadium and beating the Blue Jays in 1987.

That said, I like Detroit for a lot of reasons (Tommy Hearns & the good old Kronk Gym, Ernie Harwell, friends from there, etc...) and I will be rooting for them. I just got to the city for the first time about a month ago, and it's really, really true that the people could use any good news.

Really don't need to see post-season ball in the Metrodome ever again, and the Twins are just one of those franchises I just never liked.

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Torn, but I picked MINN for the smaller salary "underdog" team. I do think DET has a better chance of taking out NYY or Bos, so I won't be disappointed if they win.

I thought this at first and then I realized that if they had a better chance, they wouldn't have collapsed and be in the position of needing a playoff game in the first place.

Both these teams are going to be trucked by the Yankees. Whoever wins gets to jump on a plane and fly to NY and play the next day against a team that's been twiddling its thumbs and lying the weeds for 3 days. They're finished.

I'll root for the Twins because I spent the last 4 years in Minnesota (though I couldn't wait to leave) and I dislike Jim Leyland. But really, I don't like either team.

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My mom is from Minnesota and I have a lot of family living in MN, so I'm a moderate Twins fan.

I also have some family in CO and fell in love with the state after a vacation there summer after 4th grade and have adopted all CO teams in some way shape and form. The Rockies have been my second favorite team behind the O's for a while now and I've been tracking them all season. I am actually leaving for Denver tomorrow for the playoff games!

...don't worry, under everything I will be wearing my "I Bleed Orange" shirt that I got from The Flock while at the game(s)/bars. Orioles are my first love and I imagine a lot of the time this week I'll be imagining how great it will be when the O's finally make it back to the postseason.

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Definitely the Twins. They've always been a small market club and always have found a way to compete. I've always admired the way thy go about things there. They lose Santana, no biggie, they lose Hunter, no biggie. I like them, and hope they win tomorrow.

Nothing against the Tigers or the city of Detroit mind you, I just like the Twins. I don't give either much of a shot against New York, but anything can happen in a short series I guess.

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