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Tigers lose... no playoffs for Huff


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You gotta feel sorry for Huff. I realize he's never going to be considered an O's "legend" but I was still rooting for him to get the shot.

I do not have a problem with Huff, but I do not think that any player deserves to go to the playoff's just because they haven't been yet. This is the counter argument for those of us who argue for the Orioles over paying to get guys. You give Huff $8 Million per over three years and he makes you look really good for 1/3 of the contract. He looks average for a year and then below average another year.

If winning and not money was the most important factor (like Tex) then you pick a team that could use your services. Players must decide between location, atmosphere, role, and compensation. The Orioles gave him the role and compensation that no other team was willing to match, but he missed out on location and atmosphere. He could have signed with other teams for less money and a declining role, but decided not to do so. I do not feel bad for him.

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