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Splitting Stadiums


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The Twins just closed down the Metrodome, for baseball at least. As we all know, they will be moving into a new, open-air ballpark for the 2010 season.

However, the Triple-H isn't going the way of other domes, like the King or RCA Domes. Despite losing two of its three main tenants (the Twins and the University of Minnesota football team), the Vikings will remain there for the foreseeable future.

Now, Minnesota is not well known for quality weather between October and May. There already seems to be some dread among those eulogizing the Metrodome for what the early part of next season will bring to the brave fans who decide to put themselves through the end of the Minnesota winter.

In addition, we have already seen a playoff game this season postponed due to snow in Colorado, and tonight is cold with potential for more snow. Last season saw major late-winter storms in several Midwest cities causing entire series to be postponed early on.

So we come to the point of the thread: I wonder if the Twins have given any thought to using the Metrodome as a backup plan in case of severe weather?

I'm not talking about day-of issues like rain (or snow), or simple cold. I'm talking about major snowstorms or Arctic fronts and the like that would go beyond inconvenience into dangerous.

It seems to me that they would be crazy to not take advantage of that ability. The new stadium is supposed to be gorgeous, matching the summer nights that will be under open sky instead of billowing white fiberglass. However, it won't matter if the conditions simply prevent them from playing.

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Given the (ever expanding) length of the MLB season/postseason, I've always thought it was borderline criminal that most of the new stadiums weren't built with retractable roofs.

Solution of course is to shorten the season to pre-1961 standards, which should eliminate some of the random winter at both ends of the season. But that's a different post.

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Sounds like a great idea in thought, but maybe a litlle cumbersome in practice.

The configuration of the new stadium contains multiple decks like most ballparks, where as the "Dome" only had 2. This could create serious issues on what is the "right" spot to seat current ticket holders in an equitable fashion.

Maybe all of April, you could print both Dome and Target Field seat locations on the tickets, just in case.

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