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Time to kick BC out of the ACC

Majin Buu

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They had UVA's vote - one of 7 w/o the governers interference had it happened when the original attempt at expansion was made. The UNC and Duke opposition would not have mattered. UVA's vote didn't come into play until Warner pulled his power play which was after the lawsuit was filed.

I think we're saying the same thing, just on different timelines. We do agree on UVA....they did want expansion. But I'm pretty sure it was Warner that got to UVA's president before Connecticut's AG filed suit and the original expansion vote was thwarted before it ever happened.

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That's not a recipe for long term success. I want the Big East to expand as they really need 10 teams to optimize. Right now they have too many out of conference games and since the other conferences have more it's hard for them to get as many quality OOC games lined up as they'd like. Especially since the voters in their infinite wisdom don't penalize teams for scheduling a roster full of OOC cupcakes. But I hope they never go past 10 just as I hope the Pac 10 resists the urge to expand.

Agree completely. That would improve things a lot but since maximizing revenue trumps what is best for the sport it'll never happen.

Personally, I think the voters are quite arbitrary in whom they penalize for their OOC schedules. Basically, any of the Big 10 teams can play 4 OOC games against Sister's of the Poor University, dodge one of the tougher teams in the conference because of how the schedule falls, lose a game with that easy schedule, and still be a Top 5 team. Meanwhile, some of the better non-BCS teams are heavily criticized for their OOC schedules, despite the fact that most of the BCS big boys treat those teams like they have the H1N1 virus.

The Big East does need to add a couple teams. Trouble is they have no room to add them as full members because they already have a 16-team conference for basketball (which is the BE's calling card, not football). Add two more teams and I think that would be too many pieces of the pie to have to share. They'd have to expel two of the non-football playing teams to make it work, IMO. I think they also came to some sort of agreement with Notre Dame to get 2 or 3 games a year, which helps as far as reputation since ND is typically the most overrated team in any sport.

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