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Radhames Liz' first outing since leaving O's

Boy Howdy

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Liz lowered his winter ERA in the Dominican League to 0.66 with that performance.


13 2/3 IP

10 H

4 BB

13 K

Righties hitting .136 off him / Lefties .269

OH poster rpicazzo reported very high velocity for Liz a few weeks back (98 if I remember right). Would be curious to hear more details beyond the stats.

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The poster now addressed this in another forum recently, but Radhames Liz had another strong outing over the weekend: 5ip 1h 0r 2bb 5k

Since leaving the Orioles organization, he's posted a 0.82 in 11 innings with a 13:4 k:bb ratio and just 5 hits allowed.

Overall in the Dominican League this winter, his numbers are:

21 2/3 ip

14 h

2 er for 0.83 ERA

8 bb

21 k

EDIT - I forgot to mention Daniel Cabrera, who last pitched in the DR a month ago today. The league batted .303 against him in 6 starts as he went 0-2, with a 4.66 ERA

19 1/3 ip

23 h

14 bb

10 k

not good

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