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Tigers are close to trading Edwin Jackson


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You could say that about any player who is traded. Some trades backfire. He looked great against us last year. He's got electric stuff. A former top pitching prospect who shows a solid improvement trend over the last three years and just turned 26 in September. I admit that it's curious why Detroit might be looking to move him, but on the surface, why would you not be interested in this guy?

He built an improved statistical season off of (primarily) the strength of his April/May/June. He was pretty terrible in the second half. I'd take him as a mid-rotation, 3/4 starter, but wouldn't depend on him for front-end production. I think BAL has plenty of potential mid-rotation producers already, and DET could conceivably ask for something closer to front-end value.

A team trading anything of serious value for him will be one convinced that he's capable of sustaining closer to his 1st-half performance than his 2nd-half performance. I'm not willing to move significant pieces for that sort of gamble -- I'm not sure what he adds that BAL doesn't already have.

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High HR rate.

K rate isn't bad but its not great.

His BB rate is ok and has gone down 3 years in a row but if it jumps back into the levels of 2007 or 2008, he will struggle.

His FIP was about .60 higher than his actual ERA.

As Stotle said, a team is likely to pay a #1/#2 starter bounty for a #3 starter.

I wouldn't mind going after him but for what? Erbe and JJ? I think I would make that deal but wouldn't really go any higher than that.

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