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Steve Johnson picked by Giants - Was it a mistake not to protect him?


Was it a mistake not to protect Steve Johnson now?  

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  1. 1. Was it a mistake not to protect Steve Johnson now?

    • Yes
    • No, the Giants won't keep him. He'll be back with the O's soon
    • No, it's no big loss regardless of whether or not the Giants keep him

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Where's Lex to get the poll started about whether he'll be returned or not?

Good timing! Death, Taxes, and Polls by the Poll Master himself.:laughlol:

That said, I think it was definitely a mistake. I think there is a decent chance we get him returned, but I think it wasn't intelligent for the O's to put themselves in this situation. Without looking at the 40 man, there has to be SOMEONE that should be valued less than Steve.

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Im extremely dissapointed he was not protected. Seems like a total waste to me. I was excited to get him from the Dodgers. If he does not stay on the roster does he come back to us?
Yes, they have to put him on the major league roster all season. If they cannot keep him there, he is given back to us. Correct?

He can be returned to us for half price which is 25,000 if I remember correctly.

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I'm not that disappointed, because I don't think Johnson is a huge loss.

However, I do think there were a couple of guys (Florimon and Hughes for example) that should have been left unprotected over Steve Johnson. In that sense, I think it was poor roster management.

Count me in with the group though that thinks he'll eventually be returned to us.

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The sad part is the Orioles can't protect everyone.

Bingo... Yet another sign of the depth within the organization. In the past 15 years have we been at all worried about losing someone in the rule V draft? That said, I just don't see someone that has barely pitched above hi A sticking in a bullpen of a contender. And if he does, it means he's pitching well. So good for him!

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We took the Giants guy, they took our guy. Payback, perhaps?

It's so odd that the Giants didn't have room for Ben Snyder - the guy the O's picked - but they have room for Johnson. Snyder was a 4th round pick (so there is an investment), has better numbers, more AA experience, and he's LH.

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I'm obviously pretty surprised that Johnson was taken since he's normlaly not the kind of guy who gets taken in a Rule 5 draft. Either way though, I have hard time believing the Giants will keep him on the roster all year so I would expect him to be back at sometime.

The funny thing is I was just talking with a scout about Johnson two nights ago and we both agreed he would not be taken. What the hell do we know apparently? :D

I will however stick to my guns and be shocked again if he makes the team and stays all year. If he does, good for him.

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