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Is MacPhail the right GM to take this team to the next level?


Is MacPhail still the right GM to take this team to the next level and keep us there?  

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  1. 1. Is MacPhail still the right GM to take this team to the next level and keep us there?

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I voted no.

I think he is the perfect GM to get us to the brink of contention on a consistent basis.

I think he could do it in any other division.

But I don't think he will do what it takes to get us into consistent contention in this division.

I think our only hope, as long as AM is the GM, is if we hit on almost all of our young talent, which is just so tough to do.

It's shaking out that it takes luck or money (or both) to compete in this division. Given that he's not bringing any cash to the table, we'd better hope that MacPhail is either damned skillful or damned lucky.

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Everybody who said "yes" is a dope?


Well, I'd say it's blind faith.

Everyone that said "no" is making similar assumptions in the face of a set of different circumstances under which MacPhail is now operating. He's got a different owner, different scouts, different coaches, different circumstances altogether.

Making a "splash" is fine, but having to rely on free agency with any kind of regularity to compete is a death knell. Free agent contracts are a good way to buy yourself success in the short term while hindering your success in the long term. (Unless you're the MFY's) Very rarely are you going to get enough bang for your buck on a long term deal from a 29-30 year old free agent.

Your chances are much greater when you buy out a couple years. You won't always have that chance, but it's the best way to maximize your investment and it should be done whenever applicable and possible. You draft and trade well, and you'll have those chances.

I think people around here over value the impact of free agency.

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As an aside, I have to say all this JTrea b****ing AND in turn many dumping (I could use another word that rhymes with 'knitting', but won't) on JTrea is SURE getting OLD!!! It's a REAL turn off to a LOT of threads. Really takes the enjoyment away from reading many a thread. Seriously.

There, had to get that out.

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This season I think we should win about 82-83 games. This upcoming offseason, we are going to have to make some serious moves to add pieces to get us to that 90 or so win threshold in 2011 and 2012. If AM is incapable of doing that b/c he's too conservative or gun-shy, then no, he's not the right guy for the job.

However, we have no reason to believe he can't or won't do that (maybe he wasn't a big spender in previous stops because he didn't have to be?). Thus, my answer is "I'm not sure."

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Just as an aside, some of the responses here are complete crap. Lots of you don't like JTrea or what he has to say. He goes against the grain but he doesn't break board rules.

He started a completely relevant post and poll and several of you, rather than answering and starting a discussion, chose to take pot-shots instead.

You see it's a thread/poll of his, if you come in here in read it it's pretty lousy to take shots at the poster. You can skip it.


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$70-100M for a pitcher.
Doubtful but 70-80 million is possible...Problem is, the guys I think he would sign for 70 million wouldn't sign here for that money.
Anything over $100M for a hitter.
Again, it depends...If he feels the player is a bargain...but I doubt it because I think the guys that he feels would be a bargain at 100-115 million will not sign here for that.
Anything $15M+ annually even if its for a slightly older guy so its a shorter deal
I could see this...For example, Lee has another 900 OPS season and it takes a 2/30 deal to get him here..I could see that.
Lackey, Sabathia, Teixeira, Bay, Holliday type deals. Basically any of the best two or three available FA in any given year.
Only if it is a down year, like for Miggy and Vlad...In other words, FAs that Boston and NY aren't going after.
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.In other words, FAs that Boston and NY aren't going after.

Me thinks you can add a few more teams to this line.....such as the Dodgers, Angels, Phillies, Mets.....maybe they are all on a second level compared to the Yanks and Boston, but if they are in the hunt, then it is not a "down year".

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What's the diff between faith and blind faith? (Other than Winwood...)

OK, I'll bite...not all faith need be "blind" faith. I have faith in myself, i have faith in our legal system (most of the time;) ), I have faith the sun will rise tomorrow......

I also have faith in a higher being, a God (apologies for getting religious here). And yes, it is said that if i have faith in God, then I need have a certain faith, though belief is the better word in this latter case, in the bad dude down below....

See a difference? :);)

I know you know the answer Shack.

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With the recent events of the this offseason or (lack there of) and the new information coming to light about the O's international efforts or lack there of, I think the question needs to be raised again.

Fact: He's never completed a 1 for 4 or 5 trade like he would have to to get a premium bat. Keep in mind while MacPhail is a master of trades, it's usually been when he trades an established player for a return of prospects.

Fact: He's never spent more than $27 million dollars on a single free agent that he has been able to land.

Fact: MacPhail is naturally conservative and cautious and does not like taking risks. Especially in the international area where he's said to favor the "needle in the haystack" approach than going after the known talent.

He has said he is more conservative than owner Peter Angelos.

Fact: MacPhail has never built a team that had sustained competitiveness.

Fact: Under Andy MacPhail, the Orioles have not drafted a ML ready position player and although they paid overslot for draftees in the 2009 draft, took what many scouts consider an inferior talent in the 1st round for signability reasons.

So is this really the guy that should be leading this team when all his strengths better apply to tearing one down than building it up?

Is MacPhail really the right GM to add the pieces and parts to get to the playoffs and keep us there?

I did not vote.

The question is valid, I guess, except for the failure to list the obvious facts that AM has drastically improved the ballclub since he took the helm. If your continuous posts were simply bashing ownership I think I could accept and respect it more.

Your continuous bashing of AM, without somehow tying his "failures" to being more of the same as compared to previous leadership is incomplete and incompetent. AM has not changed the losing streak that began 12 years ago. That is a fact. Our lack of anything approaching a winning organization is something still open for debate, but intelligent baseball people think we are on the right track to improving a system that has been beyond horrible for over 10 years before he arrived.

I frequently struggle with being open to your ideas and thoughts because this board is for fans who love the O's and want them to succeed. Sometimes though your negativity, seems more directed at individuals (AM) than it does towards the frustrations that all of us as fans share in our lack of success.

There is so much further to go, and defending AM at this point is premature. However, it is crazy to think that we have not covered miles during his tenure and all of us should be excited about that as fans. Yes, there are miles to go before we win another AL East title...no one disputes that as a fact.

I'll just say that AM may or may not get us to that title. But if he was hit by a train tomorrow, he would leave an organization vastly improved from the one he inherited. That may not register as a fact in some quarters...but is should.

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What's the diff between faith and blind faith? (Other than Winwood...)

This does remind me of another phrase though...

"Honestly,......" or another variant "Speaking honestly,......."

I mean, come on, like one normally, always, regularly speaks dishonestly and thus needs to clarify with this "Honestly,....."

Ok, I digress, apologies......

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