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Global World Series


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Selig wants to World Series champions to face off against the Japanese champions, and he wants it before he retires in 2012. (Possibly in an effort to crown a true world champion before the end of the world).

I love this idea. I think it should be a 3 game series. First game in the USA, second and third in Japan. Alternate host country every year. I three game series is ideal because there will be only one long flight between games, and no starter will have to pitch more than one game. I do think most MLB teams could beat any Japanese team, but a three game series gives a possible upset hope for the Japanese team, leading to some excitement.

Maybe this series would increase cooperation between the MLB and Japan. Lessen the 10 year wait for Japanese players to become free agents. With more Japanese players coming to MLB, some MLB players may want to play in Japan where they will start. This may raise the level of play in a Japanese league.


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    • I don't remember a lot of Hoes clinging.  I was more upset they traded Hader and the draft pick.
    • Absolutely. Think about how much we clung to a guy like LJ Hoes, and Hernaiz is a far better prospect.  It's wild to think that trading Hernaiz hasn't even made so much as a ripple in the farm system. We've come a looooong way. 
    • One stretch-comp deserves another. Had forgot that Syd Thriftism re. EdRod I: "the next Alex Rodriguez." LOFL!
    • Interesting that he and Gibson both crashed at the end of last year. I wonder if somebody found something correctable that caused the crash. 
    • Over the past couple of years I have vacillated between believing in Hall and not believing in him. I currently believe he has the ability to be a bullpen stud, but I really want him to be a starter. It feels like we always get these flamethrowing lefties that a team like the Rays would have no problem turning into their next ace, but they always end up in the bullpen here. That's not even a criticism of our development, really, I'm just complaining about our luck. The sample size of pitchers like Hall are tiny after all. Anyway, furthering my annoyance about Hall is just that I fail to see what the organization's plan is with the kid. Do they know? It seemed like one of the only things Elias and Development Squad weren't sure about last year. But maybe it just seemed that way from the outside. Obviously they have a plan.  There's no room for him on the roster, though, barring injuries. So after all of Elias' talk last year about Hall being so close and the organization "depending" on him, etc... is he really just going back to AAA again? On the one hand, you can't really argue with it. His AAA numbers were pretty weak. On the other hand, it seems kind of brutal to give him the yo-yo last season and then stick him right back in Norfolk.  Clearly the organization believes in him or they wouldn't put out a little documentary. So what's the plan exactly? 
    • This thread is something.  Jorge Mateo has little value anywhere because he can't hit.  Whether he's here, or not here, has little to do with the success of our 2023 season.  Any return in trade will be minimal.  Let's go another 15 pages though!
    • And there is no guarantee that Mateo will come close to that again either.  Or even get close.  If his bat doesn't improve he's likely not playing as much, and therefore not acquiring WAR.  As to the rest, who knows how Ortiz will be in comparison.  All reports say that he is the best defensive prospect of our bunch.  Could he also play gold glove defense?  I don't know, but it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibilities either.  Overall I think too many around here overrate Mateo and sell Ortiz short.  
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