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Link to McGwire's epic interview about steriods.


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This from Glen Gulliver in the other thread.

McGwire seemed delusional to me in the Costas interview.

He refused to admit that it's possible he may not have hit 70 hr without steroids. He kept citing his God given ability. I find that ironic.

McGwire claimed the "low level" of steroids he took just made him feel normal. He says it had nothing to do with strength gains. It was simply for health.

He also said his mental strength was something "no pill or injection" could give him. That is complete garbage. Beyond the immense physical gains and ability to recover quickly, steroids offer a huge bump in confidence and focus. One of the things that makes steroids so addictive is the psychological benefits. The sense of well-being. The feeling of walking on clouds. The confidence that you can do anything.

He is like most steroid users I've known: he took the steroids, reaped the benefits, then assigned other reasons for why he saw such dramatic improvements.

A lot of steroid users truly seem to convince themselves that the steroids are far down the list of why new plataus are reached. Yet they can't seem to stop taking steroids for very long.

McGwire came off looking terrible in my opinion.

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McGwire goes on about Steroids dont increase hand eye coordination. Reading Canseco's books about his steriod use he refutes this claim. Canseco says quite plainly that steroids do increase hand eye coordination because it strengthens your fast twitch muscles. Canseco is the only one who has ever even gotten close to telling the truth about this dirty period.

McGwire is a tool. A liar and is deluding himself.

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