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The worst theory in the history of the OH

Moose Milligan

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AM said the Orioles would be bat buyers this offseason. Then he signed Garrett Atkins and his Coors Field .650 OPS.

I know the offseason is not over, but there aren't many bats left.

So it's kind of like that guy saying he's going to use his putter to make the putt, and then deciding to do a "Kevin Costner in Tin Cup" and hitting the ball in using his putter as a pool stick.

For the last time, he didn't promise a big bat. Sometimes you want chips and you go to the store and they're more expensive than you expected and you decide not to get them. Sometimes you need them for a party you're throwing and you pay more than you want because you need them.

We aren't throwing any parties yet.


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Think about it. If you were a business owner (of any business, not just a sports franchise) would you ever be satisfied to just being run of the mill? Average? Would you just settle for mediocrity (or in this case, sucking) when your competitors were routinely wiping the floor with you?

See the Marlins with Rev Share Profits...

If you were a business owner putting out a cheap product and then all the other business owners in the neighborhood paid you say somewhere between $65-$90 million a year (for TV Rights, Merchandise Deals, Licensing, etc.) before you even opened up your store for business then maybe that "pride" felt for putting the best product on the field would become less important than simply making $8 digit profits simply by going budget.

(That range seems to fall in with what has been reported by many different media sources and would seem to make sense seeing the recent Marlins episode and John Henry's comments)

MLB pressuring the Marlins just proved how significant these rev share handouts are. It ain't $5-$10-$20 million because that wouldn't make sense for the Marlins getting called out.

And Red Sox's Henry said 7 teams are constantly taking the handouts and not reinvesting and 5 of those teams are chronically uncompetitive.

Chronically uncompetitive would be our 12 year theme inarguably - so it's reasonable to assume Henry put us in that category without naming us.

So when the Orioles return their payroll to an AL East respectable level - maybe not blow another year of international free agents. This year was exceptional and we signed 37 unknowns when we had Sano in our grasp (not exactly "building from within). Actually bid highest on legit free agents - not put in the lowest "high"offer...etc etc. I think when THESE things happen fans have no business questioning the O's over-frugality. Until then any fan has the right to question the budget baseball we play now.

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I don't know that this is relevant to the conversation, but I thought it was interesting when I learned it:

Did you know that Peter Angelos and George Steinbrenner have a net worth that is almost identical? They are both right around $1.3 billion.

It's completely irrelevant. Past the initial purchase price team owners never put their own money on the table unless something is very, very, very wrong.

And sometimes, they "buy" teams without putting a penny of their own money on the table: see Rangers, Texas and...

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There was a point in the early 00's, when the Expos were lurking on the horizon and nobody knew what the fallout was going to be that I thought Angelos was stripping the team of payroll pending a sale. That didn't happen (obviously). I have no clue what he's truly up to now.

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Guest rochester

IMO, PA is obsessed with winning...he also became pretty discouraged (let alone sick & tired) of having top staff he did not necessarily trust.

DC was a concern? Well, duh. What % of attendance came from DC?

He is not in this only for the $$ - plus is not the only owner, albeit the majority. Still has to answer to others that put up a lot of $$ in 93.

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