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Dare to ask: can this team compete??


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Now that most of the off season needs have been filled, I'm definitely encouraged by the upside. By compete, I'm not necessarily talking about challenging the Yankees in the east, but play some meaningful baseball games in September. Be within striking distance of the wildcard.

Now normally you'd have to say that EVERYTHING would have to go the O's way. But they even have some depth...Pie in the OF, Bell and Snyder in the wings at AAA. In the rotation, it would be fantastic to sign bedard and have him ready for May/June. We'll probably have Hernandez in the pen as a good starting option if someone gets hurt or falters. That's without mentioning Arieta and Erbe at AAA.

Obviously odds are against a playoff run this year, but for the first time in a long time, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Hope Springs Eternal!!

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Somewhere around there if everybody plays to their projected potential at this point, but that will still probably be only good enough for 4th place in the division.

I'd say closer to third, but yeah, I basically agree. On the other hand, if there are four 80 some win teams in the AL East, then there's no way the winner would win 100 games.

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