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Minnesota Twins offseason


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With pitchers and catchers getting ready to report and the offseason coming to a close, I think the Minnesota Twins have made some quiet, but solid moves to put themselves in a position to win now without damaging their future.

1) They traded Carlos Gomez for Hardy. Both guys were coming off disappointing seasons, but this move allows Span to go to CF full-time and Delmon Young play LF full-time. The consistant at-bats should help him grow. Plus they have other bats in the lineup to take pressure off of him. Gomez provided great defense that helped their flyball pitchers, but they've been poor at shortstop for awhile now.

2) Signed Orlando Hudson for 2B.

3) Signed Jim Thome. Thome will most likely serve as a PH and split time at DH with Jason Kubel. Even in the late stages of his career, he provides pop off the bench.

4) Signed Carl Pavano. Yeah, he was considered a joke with his tenure in NY, but last year he threw 199 innings. His ERA is high, but it improved as the season progressed. He'll keep them in ball games.

Plus Liriano has impressed in winter ball and Mauer may be locked up longterm soon.

CF Span

2B Hudson

C Mauer

1B Morneau

DH Kubel

RF Cuddyer

LF Young

SS Hardy

3B Harris

Baker, Liriano, Pavano, Slowey, Blackburn

I like this team to win the AL Central, and if the pitching reaches its potential, make a lot of noise in the postseason.

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